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Best Fitness Apps For Android

Hello, Friends Welcome back to Shop Gud. Today we will talk about 5 free fitness apps for Android. In our busy schedule, we face a lot of issues with our health and if we consider the biggest problem we face with gaining fats in our body. We always want to get rid of the health issue and live a fit and healthy life. Tracking the food intake, exercise, and calories that we consume by ourselves is not possible every time. And, if you want to monitor your fitness goal or improve your health and stay fit, these apps will be beneficial. So, let’s check out the ‘5 best fitness Apps for Android free’ that will help you to track your daily exercise and your diet.

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1. Google Fit

Google Fit is an activity tracking application, and by monitoring your activities, Google Fit can help you achieve your fitness goal and you can stay fit. Now you don’t have to think about the calories you’ve burnt throughout the days of your working schedule, you’ll get real-time statistics for your runs, walks and bicycle rides with this application. Simply sign up on your smartphone with your Google account, enter your details such as date of birth, height, weight, and set goals like minutes of movement, heart points, daily steps, etc. When Your goal is set, the Google fit application will track your goal every day like how many steps you took, calories burnt, distance reached, move minutes and heart points, etc. You can easily check your full-day health and activities at the end of the day or if you want, you can check your goals and manage your activity goals from the profile settings by either increasing your move minutes and heart points or decreasing them. I found this application very helpful and it can be the ‘best fitness apps for Android’ for free.

2. HealthifyMe

You can track your health, food, diet, create meal charts, count calories, etc. using this application and that will help you stay healthy. If you follow a plan such as losing or gaining body fats then this application is going to be useful, using this app you can count your calories for each serving you take in a day. Now with the HealthifyMe app, you can easily follow the fitness goals. You only need to sign up with your health information in this app, then you will see your report, earn points, join groups and test your Global rank in the leaderboard that will inspire you to achieve your goals. You also have the option to connect with GoogleFit application to sync the steps you took. After you connect the GoogleFit app it will show your steps summary for each day. You can add your health log and information to set your goals and follow your plans. You also have the option of setting up your daily water consumption to get a notification after some interval which for a drink and you can do the same for your meal. If you want you can also get a personal assistant from HealthifyMe but for this you have to choose a plan and pay amount of charge for the plan. So, this app can also be the best fitness tracker apps for Android. 

3. Home workout

This application is very easy to use, you can just start by setting a goal, weekly training days, and options for the first day of the week. You can choose the particular activity or workout program that will help you achieve your fitness goal, and the best thing about this app is that all the workouts can be done at home. You will begin by picking your training plan and then check out your report as the number of exercises you did, calories burnt, Minutes worked. You also can set a reminder and the app will notify you to meet your week targets for your workout. We also have the visual for the workouts that can be carried out by tapping on any exercise’s video button. You can choose your exercises or take on a challenge such as full-body, lower body, chest, abs, shoulder, beginner, intermediate and advanced workout exercises. This application can be considered as one of the best workout apps on Android.

4. 7 Minutes Workout

7 Minutes Workout application helps you lose weight and get a flat tummy and straighten the muscles of your abdomen. This application offers 7 minutes fast workout, this app is based on high-intensity circuit training,  You will have 12 exercises each for 30 seconds with 10-second breaks in exercise. Follow this application and repeat your exercises at home for 2-3 times, it will help you lose weight and stay fit. Use this application for your home workout plan if you have a busy schedule. You can set up the calendar and review your report as well as you have the option to take 30 days of full-body workout challenge. This app has various exercise options for each part of your body like abs workout, leg workout, arm workout, etc. also you can turn on services like Google fit or Fitbit under settings.

5. Fitness Trainer FitProSport

The Fitprosport application will help you and guide you for both gym and home workouts. Using this application you can check out various exercises which you can do in a gym, they have collections of various exercises like neck, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, traps, lats, etc. or you can check out all the exercises and set up your plan. Upon finishing the workout, you will be able to check the report such as the number of workouts you performed, completed workout sessions, total tonnage, total distance, etc. You can add your body measures, check results and graphs with this application. This application will be very helpful for your Gym Workout also you can customize your exercise list and follow it in the Gym. This app is the best gym workout apps for Android’ if you’re going to the gym and want some tips and guidance for your workout.

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So, mentioned above are the ‘5 Best Fitness Apps For Android free’ that you can use at home as well as in the gym, also you can track your diet and exercises, analyze your report and get proper assistance to make yourself fit. I consider the above-mentioned applications to be very useful in preserving fitness, and this will benefit you as well. If you need to know about more fitness apps or have any suggestions, comment below and I will bring more collection for you in my future posts.