Top 5 best professional video editing Apps for Android

best video editing apps

Best professional video editing Apps for Android

Hello to the Shop Gud, family. Today we’ll talk about the 5 best video editing apps for Android. You’re in the right place if you’re searching for some of the best video editing apps for Android. After long research, I found out some of the best and useful video editing applications that will help you to edit videos easily either you are an online creator or edit videos for any personal and professional purpose. This article will help you to choose from the best video editing application that you can use to edit your videos if you have an Android phone and want to edit videos on your smartphone.

 Using Android video editing apps has a lot of advantages, you will be able to use it anywhere as it will be installed on your mobile. You don’t have to stay longer next to your PC and also these apps will save your time and you can edit videos whenever you are at ease. So friends let’s get started one by one with ‘5 best video editing apps for Android’,

1. FilmoraGo

When you open the application, FilmoraGo starts with a very easy interface where you either choose to ‘create a new video’ or use your ‘saved project’ to edit. This application allows you to edit videos, create slide shows of photos, import files from social and edit, etc. If you want to edit videos, simply select your videos from the ‘Video’ option or import from Facebook, Instagram and Google media on FillmoraGo. Also to create a photo slideshow, select your photos from the ‘Photo’ option. You can also add a collection, filters, overlays, element, titles, translation, etc. to your videos using the preset option and then edit them. Once you selected a video to edit, a number of options are available on the right-hand side including themes, music, transition, ratio/crop, edit tool, etc. using which you can edit your video, add music, use a transition, crop your video, etc. 

Under the ‘Edit tool’ option you will see various sub-options that can be applied to the video like Trim clip, Subtitles, PIP, Voiceover, Overlays, Elements, Titles, Rotate or add speed to your clip also adjust brightness, contrast, temperature, etc. After you complete the video editing you could save and export your project to Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. FilmoraGo also has a popular ratio/crop like 16:9, 1:1, cut sides, Blur, etc. You can update your paid version of FilmoraGo if you still need any future. FilmoraGo can be considered as one of the ‘best video editing apps for Android’.


Kinemaster is a popular video editing application, the Kinemaster application begins by selecting the video aspect ratio i.e. 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 and then you can insert the media you want to edit. Kinemaster has the option to add videos to your own voice file, you can add storage audio as well. You can add media, effect overlay, text and handwriting to your videos using the layer option. This application also has a capture feature using which you can capture from the video at any place using the timeline and save it to storage as image, clip or layer. After the editing has been done, you can export in different resolution like 4K 2160p, QHD 1440p, FHD 1080p, HD 720p, SD 540p, 360p and frame rates of 30, 25(PAL), 24(Cinema),15,12, etc.  For High-resolution videos Kine Master Application can be one of the best video editing apps for Android.

3. ActionDirector

ActionDirector is also one of the good video editing apps where you can edit photos and videos easily. This application starts with three options interface i.e., Capture, Edit & My projects, you can capture photos or videos with the ‘Capture’ option the ‘Edit’ option allows you to edit clips and the ‘My Projects’ option allows you to access your draft project. You need to tap the ‘Edit’ button to edit videos and then pick a clip to edit. Once the clips have been chosen, you can edit the video with different tools such as edit, action, color, title, sharpness, stickers, audio, etc. each tool has its sub-option using which you can add text, music, effects, trim videos, etc. In ActionDirector the tools are very easy to use you can apply each using the video timeline. If you are having trouble editing videos with the ActionDirector app, just watch that available tool’s video tutorials. You can export your videos using the ‘Produce’ option once you finish your video editing also you may choose manual export frame rate as full HD, HD, SD in different video resolution.

4. PowerDirector

PowerDirector application can also be one of the good choices for video editing apps for Android. This application begins with a very simple interface, you’ll see a new project option, produce videos or edit the draft project. You need to tap the new project and then enter the project name and select aspect ratio if you want to edit a new video. Now you can select any of the videos from your storage, Google Drive or capture a video. You will then see the option for editing like add music, layers, add the effect also from settings you can use audio mixing. There are more options like adjust video speed, custom font, record voice over video, effect, extract audio from video, add PIP video, etc. You have the option for tutorials under settings if you find some trouble using the apps that video tutorials can be useful. After you complete the video editing of the videos next you can save your project or produce videos and either save to a gallery or SD card, share it on Facebook, share it on YouTube, or use the full HD, HD and SD video output option, etc.

5. InShot

Using this application you can either Edit video, Photos or Collage for free. To edit videos you need to pick the video option on the first screen and for the Photos or Collage, you can select the other two options respectively. This application also comes with bundle of video editing tools, like Trim, Canvas, background effect, music, sticker, text, video clip speed, crop, etc. using each of the tools you can produce High-quality videos like 1080p, 720p, 640p or you can use customize option to export videos according to your desired resolution. This application is very simple and is one of the best professional video editing apps for android.

I found the above ‘Top 5 professional best video editing apps for Android’ very useful. If you consider using any of the above apps you will get a very good video output and these will help you in editing your videos professionally with the bundles of tools available in it. If you still want more choices of video editing tools, comment below and I will update it on my coming posts. Also, If you have any suggestions mention below in the comment box and share the post.