Top 10 useful WhatsApp features added in 2019 for Android Users

Top 10 useful WhatsApp features

Whatsapp is one of the top messaging apps that allow us to communicate over the message, voice, video, etc. and it has now become one of the most important parts of our daily lives. WhatsApp makes our jobs easier than we’ve ever considered, with the use of this application you can be in touch with your loved ones like friends and family in a group or in a personal chat.
In its updates, Whatsapp adds new functionality and improves the experience of users as well as improving engagement. This year we have received lots of new WhatsApp features and they become very useful in our daily works. So, let’s check out some of the useful WhatsApp features one by one,

Top 10 useful WhatsApp features added in 2019

1 – Fingerprint lock

This feature was made available recently, now you can Fingerprint lock your Whatsapp application from settings. You can enable fingerprint lock on your Whatsapp application simply by following the steps ‘Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Fingerprint lock’. After you turn on the ‘Unlock with Fingerprint’ next you need to choose any of the three options under Automatically Lock i.e., ‘Immediately’, ‘After 1 minute’ or ‘After 30 minutes’ to lock your Whatsapp application when you are not using. You can also either choose to turn on or turn off the ‘show content in notifications’ option which allows you to hide content when a new notification appears. So, this feature of WhatsApp can be one of the ‘Best Whatsapp Features in 2019’ that made WhatsApp more secure.

2 – Hide muted Status updates

The ‘hide muted Status updates’ is another ‘useful WhatsApp feature’ that is added in 2019. Previously the muted status was visible in the WhatsApp status with a faded label under the muted status category but now you can hide the muted Status updates on Whatsapp. When you mute any WhatsApp status updates, it will remain hidden under the ‘Muted updates’ option and you will see a drop-down with all the muted status when you hit the ‘Muted Updates. So this feature will come to use if you don’t wanna see the unnecessary status updates.

3 – Group call (voice & video)

The Group voice/video call feature allows users to add more than one user to a call. Now with this feature, you can make a call (voice & video) to a group of users at one time and enjoy the moment when you are far away. To use this feature first, you have to open the Whatsapp Group and tap the ‘Call Icon’ then select the available contacts and tap the audio or video call option to make the call. A maximum of four contacts can participate in a single WhatsApp group call, so you need to select three more contacts while making a call if you want to make a voice/video call to a group of four members.

4 – Consecutive Voice messages

When you receive more than one voice message on WhatsApp at a time this feature lets the voice message play consecutively, Only you need to play one voice message and then it automatically plays the rest. Previously we had to play the voice messages manually one by one as it uses to stop the voice message after complete but now after the completion of one voice message it plays the next. This feature can be checked by simply sending two or more voice messages to your WhatsApp chat, or you can tell your friends to send two or more voice messages to your WhatsApp chat, and then play one of the messages the next will play automatically. If you do not find this feature on your WhatsApp, you can simply update to the latest version of WhatsApp.

5 – PiP mode feature

The PiP feature allows users to access one program on the screen while concurrently opening one or the other programs running in the same window. After this feature made available on Whatsapp, users can chat as well as play a video on the same screen. So now, when chatting on Whatsapp you won’t miss the clip if you get a video link, you can immediately play it. This is also a useful Whatsapp Feature that we received.

6 – Reply Privately

When you chat in a group, the reply ‘privately feature’ can be very useful if you want someone to respond to a particular message in an individual chat. To use this feature simply tap and hold the message on a group and then tap on ‘More Option’ at the top right the Reply privately option, it will take you to the individual chat with responding to the specific message.

7 – WhatsApp Sticker

The WhatsApp Sticker feature is also considered as one of the best Whatsapp features in 2019, this feature allows users to send stickers on chat. To use this you can open any individual/group chat and then tap on the emoji option under the ‘text input field’ and then tap on the ‘stickers’ option you will see many stickers are available, just tap to send. You can add more stickers using the ‘Add’ option available under the sticker field.

8 – Swipe to reply

The Reply feature allows users to reply to a specific message in a chat or group. Previously we had to tap and hold the specific message and then tap the ‘Reply’ option and type the response message but after the update arrived for the ‘right swipe to reply’ it became easier to use. Users can simply swipe right any message to respond to a particular message, this is also a useful WhatsApp feature that is added in 2019.

9 – Share Status

Share Whatsapp status to other apps, this feature allows users to share their Whatsapp status on Facebook or Instagram. The Share Status feature minimizes the work if you want to share something on WhatsApp as well on Facebook, only update it on Whatsapp and then share it to facebook story or any other apps from there.

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10 – Forwarded Label

Whatsapp also triggers a ‘Forwarded’ tag when a message is sent to you if it crosses its forward limit. This feature lets us know if the message is written originally by the contact (e.g. a friend or relative) or someone else actually sent the message and we received it as forwarded. This was also one of the best WhatsApp features that we received.

The above are the Top 10 useful WhatsApp features added in 2019 for Android Users, there are many more features that we received this year and many previous features were also made simple. I found these Whatsapp features very useful and hopes you too will like it. You can check out the above 10 useful WhatsApp features and apply them to your chat. In my future posts, I’ll keep you updated on more top WhatsApp features.

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