Top 5 best professional video editing Apps for Android

best video editing apps

Best professional video editing Apps for Android

Hello to the Shop Gud, family. Today we’ll talk about the 5 best video editing apps for Android. You’re in the right place if you’re searching for some of the best video editing apps for Android. After long research, I found out some of the best and useful video editing applications that will help you to edit videos easily either you are an online creator or edit videos for any personal and professional purpose. This article will help you to choose from the best video editing application that you can use to edit your videos if you have an Android phone and want to edit videos on your smartphone.

 Using Android video editing apps has a lot of advantages, you will be able to use it anywhere as it will be installed on your mobile. You don’t have to stay longer next to your PC and also these apps will save your time and you can edit videos whenever you are at ease. So friends let’s get started one by one with ‘5 best video editing apps for Android’,

1. FilmoraGo

When you open the application, FilmoraGo starts with a very easy interface where you either choose to ‘create a new video’ or use your ‘saved project’ to edit. This application allows you to edit videos, create slide shows of photos, import files from social and edit, etc. If you want to edit videos, simply select your videos from the ‘Video’ option or import from Facebook, Instagram and Google media on FillmoraGo. Also to create a photo slideshow, select your photos from the ‘Photo’ option. You can also add a collection, filters, overlays, element, titles, translation, etc. to your videos using the preset option and then edit them. Once you selected a video to edit, a number of options are available on the right-hand side including themes, music, transition, ratio/crop, edit tool, etc. using which you can edit your video, add music, use a transition, crop your video, etc. 

Under the ‘Edit tool’ option you will see various sub-options that can be applied to the video like Trim clip, Subtitles, PIP, Voiceover, Overlays, Elements, Titles, Rotate or add speed to your clip also adjust brightness, contrast, temperature, etc. After you complete the video editing you could save and export your project to Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. FilmoraGo also has a popular ratio/crop like 16:9, 1:1, cut sides, Blur, etc. You can update your paid version of FilmoraGo if you still need any future. FilmoraGo can be considered as one of the ‘best video editing apps for Android’.


Kinemaster is a popular video editing application, the Kinemaster application begins by selecting the video aspect ratio i.e. 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 and then you can insert the media you want to edit. Kinemaster has the option to add videos to your own voice file, you can add storage audio as well. You can add media, effect overlay, text and handwriting to your videos using the layer option. This application also has a capture feature using which you can capture from the video at any place using the timeline and save it to storage as image, clip or layer. After the editing has been done, you can export in different resolution like 4K 2160p, QHD 1440p, FHD 1080p, HD 720p, SD 540p, 360p and frame rates of 30, 25(PAL), 24(Cinema),15,12, etc.  For High-resolution videos Kine Master Application can be one of the best video editing apps for Android.

3. ActionDirector

ActionDirector is also one of the good video editing apps where you can edit photos and videos easily. This application starts with three options interface i.e., Capture, Edit & My projects, you can capture photos or videos with the ‘Capture’ option the ‘Edit’ option allows you to edit clips and the ‘My Projects’ option allows you to access your draft project. You need to tap the ‘Edit’ button to edit videos and then pick a clip to edit. Once the clips have been chosen, you can edit the video with different tools such as edit, action, color, title, sharpness, stickers, audio, etc. each tool has its sub-option using which you can add text, music, effects, trim videos, etc. In ActionDirector the tools are very easy to use you can apply each using the video timeline. If you are having trouble editing videos with the ActionDirector app, just watch that available tool’s video tutorials. You can export your videos using the ‘Produce’ option once you finish your video editing also you may choose manual export frame rate as full HD, HD, SD in different video resolution.

4. PowerDirector

PowerDirector application can also be one of the good choices for video editing apps for Android. This application begins with a very simple interface, you’ll see a new project option, produce videos or edit the draft project. You need to tap the new project and then enter the project name and select aspect ratio if you want to edit a new video. Now you can select any of the videos from your storage, Google Drive or capture a video. You will then see the option for editing like add music, layers, add the effect also from settings you can use audio mixing. There are more options like adjust video speed, custom font, record voice over video, effect, extract audio from video, add PIP video, etc. You have the option for tutorials under settings if you find some trouble using the apps that video tutorials can be useful. After you complete the video editing of the videos next you can save your project or produce videos and either save to a gallery or SD card, share it on Facebook, share it on YouTube, or use the full HD, HD and SD video output option, etc.

5. InShot

Using this application you can either Edit video, Photos or Collage for free. To edit videos you need to pick the video option on the first screen and for the Photos or Collage, you can select the other two options respectively. This application also comes with bundle of video editing tools, like Trim, Canvas, background effect, music, sticker, text, video clip speed, crop, etc. using each of the tools you can produce High-quality videos like 1080p, 720p, 640p or you can use customize option to export videos according to your desired resolution. This application is very simple and is one of the best professional video editing apps for android.

I found the above ‘Top 5 professional best video editing apps for Android’ very useful. If you consider using any of the above apps you will get a very good video output and these will help you in editing your videos professionally with the bundles of tools available in it. If you still want more choices of video editing tools, comment below and I will update it on my coming posts. Also, If you have any suggestions mention below in the comment box and share the post.

10 Useful features in Windows 10 to make the job simple

Windows 10 Useful features

Useful features in Windows 10

In Windows 10, we have received several updates which enhanced our user experience with its features that were introduced to the updates. We can always expect to get more useful features from Microsoft in future updates. We love to work with Windows 10 PC, but what if you come to know about some cool features of Windows 10 that can make your work easier. In this article, I will talk about ‘10 cool features in Windows 10’. You may be familiar with some of the features, check out the below Windows 10 feature and let us know in the comment section which features you found useful.

1. Kaomoji 

The Kaomoji feature was made available in the May 2019 update of Windows 10. Now we can use on any app or send Kaomoji while communicating on PC, Microsoft introduced the same emoji shortcut (windows+period) for kaomoji characters. You can use Kaomoji in any app upon pressing WIN + . (the period punctuation mark) key. The Emoji, Kaomoji & Symbols options are available in one place under the different tap. So it has become easier to find Kaomoji while communicating or using any windows app. 

windows 10 emoji shortcut | windows 10 new features

2. Focus assist

previously we had the ‘Quiet Hours’ feature but after the 2018 update of Windows 10, the Focus assist feature replaced Quiet Hours adding more useful features. Focus Assist feature allows you to choose notification see and hear in your notification center as per your choice to stay focused on your work. You have three options to choose, i.e, Turn Off, Priority Only and Alarms Only. If you turn off then you will see all the notification from your contacts and apps, Selecting ‘Priority Only’ lets you see only the selected notification from the priority list and if you select ‘Alarms only’ then all the notification will be hidden Except alarm. So, you can pick notifications to see using the ‘Focus Assist’ feature and others will go straight to the action center where you can see them whenever you want.

3. Dynamic Lock

The Dynamic Lock feature allows you to automatically lock your device when you’re away. This feature helps you to keep your Windows data secure, you only need to follow a few steps to set up your phone with Dynamic Lock on your PC. Once you complete the steps,  it will lock your PC automatically when your Bluetooth phone is out of range. You can check here “How to set Dynamic Lock in Windows 10” and apply it on your Windows 10 PC to keep your data safe.

4. Dictation

The Dictation function helps us to type text with our voice on any text field. To use this feature you need to turn on Online speech recognition from settings. You can follow the steps to turn on speech recognition and use Dictation, Windows settings >  privacy > speech > Online speech recognition. Now just press the ‘Windows + H’ key on any text field to use Dictation. This feature will be useful if you don’t want to type long text, simply use dictation after pressing the ‘Windows + H’ key and speak on any text field on Windows 10 to input text.

5. Phone Calls

Now you can allow phone calls from your Windows 10 PC using the available app. To make a call you need to link your phone to the PC and then allow the apps to make phone calls from Windows settings >  privacy > Phone calls (under app permissions). Next, You have to choose and turn on the apps that can make calls out of the available apps. You can use the ‘Your Phone’ app available on Windows 10 and download the ‘Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows’ app on your smartphone if you an Android user. 

6. Timeline

This is one of the best features that was added in this Windows 10 April 2018 update. You will find all your recent task and the task you have done earlier in the timeline. For more days, you can also switch on the Task view and see the previous activities for up to 30 days. The search option can be found on the right side from where you can search for your tasks. You can either add New desktop or move from one desktop to another from the option on Timeline. So, the timeline feature helps us to create or switch between desktop and view our recent task. The timeline feature can be considered as one of the useful features in Windows 10.

7. Mobile Hotspot

The Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your internet with the mobile device when your Windows PC is connected to any internet connection. The Mobile Hotspot option is very easy to use and can be set up in just a few steps, check here to know how to connect your mobile to the Windows 10 PC internet.

8. Snip & Sketch

This tool helps you to capture screenshots, photos, etc. add a note with pen, touch, or mouse and then save, paste share with other apps. Press the Windows key + Shift + S to quickly snip and share a screenshot. You can capture Rectangle Snip, Freeform Snip, Windows Snip or take Full-Screen Snip to edit with the available tools or save and share. This app will be useful if you wish to capture some important parts on your screen. 

9. Search Windows

After Microsoft introduced the Searching Windows features, it became a very helpful feature for users. Now you have two options to find files under ‘search settings’ i.e, Classic and Enhanced. If you choose the ‘Classic’ option it will only search your libraries and desktop whereas if you select the ‘Enhanced’ option, It will let you search your entire PC as well the libraries and desktop. You also have the option to customize and exclude the search location below the enhanced option. The Search windows feature can be considered as a useful feature in Windows 10 also under search setting, you can manage permission for a safe search.

10. Custom Theme 

Set up the theme for Light or Dark mode when operating on your PC is one of the best features of windows. Under Theme settings, you can customize your theme by choosing theme color, Windows mode, App mode, Transparency effects, etc. If you want to work with low light for a long period of time, you can choose Dark Mode or custom color for your comfort.

The mentioned above are the ’10 Useful features of Windows 10′ that I find very helpful in my work and I think it will also be useful to you. Comment below if you have any suggestions or searching for more tips for Windows 10. In my future blog, I will notify you about additional tips and useful new features in Windows 10.

5 Best Fitness Apps For Android Free

Fitness Apps For Android | Free 2020

Best Fitness Apps For Android

Hello, Friends Welcome back to Shop Gud. Today we will talk about 5 free fitness apps for Android. In our busy schedule, we face a lot of issues with our health and if we consider the biggest problem we face with gaining fats in our body. We always want to get rid of the health issue and live a fit and healthy life. Tracking the food intake, exercise, and calories that we consume by ourselves is not possible every time. And, if you want to monitor your fitness goal or improve your health and stay fit, these apps will be beneficial. So, let’s check out the ‘5 best fitness Apps for Android free’ that will help you to track your daily exercise and your diet.

fitness apps for android free | best exercise apps for android free

1. Google Fit

Google Fit is an activity tracking application, and by monitoring your activities, Google Fit can help you achieve your fitness goal and you can stay fit. Now you don’t have to think about the calories you’ve burnt throughout the days of your working schedule, you’ll get real-time statistics for your runs, walks and bicycle rides with this application. Simply sign up on your smartphone with your Google account, enter your details such as date of birth, height, weight, and set goals like minutes of movement, heart points, daily steps, etc. When Your goal is set, the Google fit application will track your goal every day like how many steps you took, calories burnt, distance reached, move minutes and heart points, etc. You can easily check your full-day health and activities at the end of the day or if you want, you can check your goals and manage your activity goals from the profile settings by either increasing your move minutes and heart points or decreasing them. I found this application very helpful and it can be the ‘best fitness apps for Android’ for free.

2. HealthifyMe

You can track your health, food, diet, create meal charts, count calories, etc. using this application and that will help you stay healthy. If you follow a plan such as losing or gaining body fats then this application is going to be useful, using this app you can count your calories for each serving you take in a day. Now with the HealthifyMe app, you can easily follow the fitness goals. You only need to sign up with your health information in this app, then you will see your report, earn points, join groups and test your Global rank in the leaderboard that will inspire you to achieve your goals. You also have the option to connect with GoogleFit application to sync the steps you took. After you connect the GoogleFit app it will show your steps summary for each day. You can add your health log and information to set your goals and follow your plans. You also have the option of setting up your daily water consumption to get a notification after some interval which for a drink and you can do the same for your meal. If you want you can also get a personal assistant from HealthifyMe but for this you have to choose a plan and pay amount of charge for the plan. So, this app can also be the best fitness tracker apps for Android. 

3. Home workout

This application is very easy to use, you can just start by setting a goal, weekly training days, and options for the first day of the week. You can choose the particular activity or workout program that will help you achieve your fitness goal, and the best thing about this app is that all the workouts can be done at home. You will begin by picking your training plan and then check out your report as the number of exercises you did, calories burnt, Minutes worked. You also can set a reminder and the app will notify you to meet your week targets for your workout. We also have the visual for the workouts that can be carried out by tapping on any exercise’s video button. You can choose your exercises or take on a challenge such as full-body, lower body, chest, abs, shoulder, beginner, intermediate and advanced workout exercises. This application can be considered as one of the best workout apps on Android.

4. 7 Minutes Workout

7 Minutes Workout application helps you lose weight and get a flat tummy and straighten the muscles of your abdomen. This application offers 7 minutes fast workout, this app is based on high-intensity circuit training,  You will have 12 exercises each for 30 seconds with 10-second breaks in exercise. Follow this application and repeat your exercises at home for 2-3 times, it will help you lose weight and stay fit. Use this application for your home workout plan if you have a busy schedule. You can set up the calendar and review your report as well as you have the option to take 30 days of full-body workout challenge. This app has various exercise options for each part of your body like abs workout, leg workout, arm workout, etc. also you can turn on services like Google fit or Fitbit under settings.

5. Fitness Trainer FitProSport

The Fitprosport application will help you and guide you for both gym and home workouts. Using this application you can check out various exercises which you can do in a gym, they have collections of various exercises like neck, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, traps, lats, etc. or you can check out all the exercises and set up your plan. Upon finishing the workout, you will be able to check the report such as the number of workouts you performed, completed workout sessions, total tonnage, total distance, etc. You can add your body measures, check results and graphs with this application. This application will be very helpful for your Gym Workout also you can customize your exercise list and follow it in the Gym. This app is the best gym workout apps for Android’ if you’re going to the gym and want some tips and guidance for your workout.

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So, mentioned above are the ‘5 Best Fitness Apps For Android free’ that you can use at home as well as in the gym, also you can track your diet and exercises, analyze your report and get proper assistance to make yourself fit. I consider the above-mentioned applications to be very useful in preserving fitness, and this will benefit you as well. If you need to know about more fitness apps or have any suggestions, comment below and I will bring more collection for you in my future posts.

How to set Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Automatically lock your Windows 10 PC when you are away

Hello, Friends Welcome to Shop Gud. In this article, you learn about how you can lock your Windows 10 PC using the Dynamic lock which will help you automatically lock your Windows 10 PC when you are steps away. 

There are many personal and professional data that you keep on your computer and every time it is not possible to lock your PC or keep it in sleep or shut down. In your busy schedule sometime you may forget to lock your PC and step away when you either get a call or other work and you leave your Windows PC open. During which some other people maybe your friends, co-workers, etc. can look over your computer, some time which may cause a loss of your data or personal things that you don’t want others to check out. 

So, the ‘Dynamic Lock’ Features of Windows 10 will help you out automatically lock your PC when you step away. If you get a sudden work and you move from there and forget to lock your PC then Dynamic Lock feature will lock your PC remotely. To use this feature you have to set up your mobile with the dynamic lock on your PC using Bluetooth. Once the dynamic lock is set with your smartphone, it will lock your PC automatically when your Bluetooth phone is out of range.

Now let’s check out the steps how you can use Dynamic Lock on Windows 10

Step 1 – Go to the Windows settings on your computer.

Step 2 – Click on the ‘Accounts’ settings

Step 3 – Under Accounts click the ‘Sign-in options’ tab 

Step 4 – Scroll down to the Dynamic lock and click on the ‘Bluetooth & other devices’ option. Next, the ‘Bluetooth & other devices’ option will open on the screen where you can either add a device using Bluetooth or continue with the already paired device.

How to set Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Step 5 – After you pair the mobile with your PC, go back to the ‘Sign-in options’ tab (i.e., Step 3).

what is dynamic lock in windows 10

Step 6 – Tick the ‘Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away’ option. After you tick the option it will look for the paired device and show you the connected device.

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Now whenever the paired device goes away from the PC, it will automatically lock the Windows PC. So, the Dynamic lock feature will be very helpful if you want your PC to automatically lock when you are away. You just have to keep your phone with you and when the Bluetooth phone is out of range the PC gets locked, which will help you to keep your PC data out of reach from others.

Also, the best thing about Dynamic lock is when the Bluetooth is off you will get a notification on the notification center “Dynamic lock is not working – Turn on Bluetooth so your device can lock automatically”. Once you turn on the Bluetooth it will start working and lock the PC automatically.

Using the above steps you can learn ‘how to use dynamic lock in windows 10’ and if you want to ‘disable dynamic lock in windows 10’ simply Untick the ‘‘Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away’ option in Step 6.

Top 10 useful WhatsApp features added in 2019 for Android Users

Top 10 useful WhatsApp features

Whatsapp is one of the top messaging apps that allow us to communicate over the message, voice, video, etc. and it has now become one of the most important parts of our daily lives. WhatsApp makes our jobs easier than we’ve ever considered, with the use of this application you can be in touch with your loved ones like friends and family in a group or in a personal chat.
In its updates, Whatsapp adds new functionality and improves the experience of users as well as improving engagement. This year we have received lots of new WhatsApp features and they become very useful in our daily works. So, let’s check out some of the useful WhatsApp features one by one,

Top 10 useful WhatsApp features added in 2019

1 – Fingerprint lock

This feature was made available recently, now you can Fingerprint lock your Whatsapp application from settings. You can enable fingerprint lock on your Whatsapp application simply by following the steps ‘Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Fingerprint lock’. After you turn on the ‘Unlock with Fingerprint’ next you need to choose any of the three options under Automatically Lock i.e., ‘Immediately’, ‘After 1 minute’ or ‘After 30 minutes’ to lock your Whatsapp application when you are not using. You can also either choose to turn on or turn off the ‘show content in notifications’ option which allows you to hide content when a new notification appears. So, this feature of WhatsApp can be one of the ‘Best Whatsapp Features in 2019’ that made WhatsApp more secure.

2 – Hide muted Status updates

The ‘hide muted Status updates’ is another ‘useful WhatsApp feature’ that is added in 2019. Previously the muted status was visible in the WhatsApp status with a faded label under the muted status category but now you can hide the muted Status updates on Whatsapp. When you mute any WhatsApp status updates, it will remain hidden under the ‘Muted updates’ option and you will see a drop-down with all the muted status when you hit the ‘Muted Updates. So this feature will come to use if you don’t wanna see the unnecessary status updates.

3 – Group call (voice & video)

The Group voice/video call feature allows users to add more than one user to a call. Now with this feature, you can make a call (voice & video) to a group of users at one time and enjoy the moment when you are far away. To use this feature first, you have to open the Whatsapp Group and tap the ‘Call Icon’ then select the available contacts and tap the audio or video call option to make the call. A maximum of four contacts can participate in a single WhatsApp group call, so you need to select three more contacts while making a call if you want to make a voice/video call to a group of four members.

4 – Consecutive Voice messages

When you receive more than one voice message on WhatsApp at a time this feature lets the voice message play consecutively, Only you need to play one voice message and then it automatically plays the rest. Previously we had to play the voice messages manually one by one as it uses to stop the voice message after complete but now after the completion of one voice message it plays the next. This feature can be checked by simply sending two or more voice messages to your WhatsApp chat, or you can tell your friends to send two or more voice messages to your WhatsApp chat, and then play one of the messages the next will play automatically. If you do not find this feature on your WhatsApp, you can simply update to the latest version of WhatsApp.

5 – PiP mode feature

The PiP feature allows users to access one program on the screen while concurrently opening one or the other programs running in the same window. After this feature made available on Whatsapp, users can chat as well as play a video on the same screen. So now, when chatting on Whatsapp you won’t miss the clip if you get a video link, you can immediately play it. This is also a useful Whatsapp Feature that we received.

6 – Reply Privately

When you chat in a group, the reply ‘privately feature’ can be very useful if you want someone to respond to a particular message in an individual chat. To use this feature simply tap and hold the message on a group and then tap on ‘More Option’ at the top right the Reply privately option, it will take you to the individual chat with responding to the specific message.

7 – WhatsApp Sticker

The WhatsApp Sticker feature is also considered as one of the best Whatsapp features in 2019, this feature allows users to send stickers on chat. To use this you can open any individual/group chat and then tap on the emoji option under the ‘text input field’ and then tap on the ‘stickers’ option you will see many stickers are available, just tap to send. You can add more stickers using the ‘Add’ option available under the sticker field.

8 – Swipe to reply

The Reply feature allows users to reply to a specific message in a chat or group. Previously we had to tap and hold the specific message and then tap the ‘Reply’ option and type the response message but after the update arrived for the ‘right swipe to reply’ it became easier to use. Users can simply swipe right any message to respond to a particular message, this is also a useful WhatsApp feature that is added in 2019.

9 – Share Status

Share Whatsapp status to other apps, this feature allows users to share their Whatsapp status on Facebook or Instagram. The Share Status feature minimizes the work if you want to share something on WhatsApp as well on Facebook, only update it on Whatsapp and then share it to facebook story or any other apps from there.

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10 – Forwarded Label

Whatsapp also triggers a ‘Forwarded’ tag when a message is sent to you if it crosses its forward limit. This feature lets us know if the message is written originally by the contact (e.g. a friend or relative) or someone else actually sent the message and we received it as forwarded. This was also one of the best WhatsApp features that we received.

The above are the Top 10 useful WhatsApp features added in 2019 for Android Users, there are many more features that we received this year and many previous features were also made simple. I found these Whatsapp features very useful and hopes you too will like it. You can check out the above 10 useful WhatsApp features and apply them to your chat. In my future posts, I’ll keep you updated on more top WhatsApp features.

Connect your mobile to the Windows 10 PC internet

How to Connect your mobile to the Windows 10 PC internet.

Hey, guys welcome to Shop Gud. Today in this article I will share information about How to Connect your mobile to the Windows 10 PC internet. Using this option you can share your internet to the mobile device when your Windows computer is connected to any Wi-Fi connection. To use this you should have a network driver installed on your PC.

Check out the below steps on how you can connect your smartphone to the Windows PC mobile hotspot. 

Step 1 First of all, you need to connect your PC to a Wi-Fi network. 

Step 2 – Now go to the Windows settings on your computer, You can either choose to open the windows settings from the start menu or from the actions and notification center.

Step 3 – Next click on the Network & Internet settings

Step 4 – Under ‘Network & Internet’ click on the ‘Mobile hotspot’ tab.

Step 5 – Now you will see a switch option from where you can ‘Turn on’ or ‘Turn off’ mobile hotspot to share the Internet connection with other devices.

If you turn on the mobile hotspot then your internet connections will be available for other mobile devices from where they can connect their device to your computer hotspot using mobile Wi-Fi and if you wish not to share your Internet connection with other devices, simply turn it off. You can also share your Internet connection through Wifi or Bluetooth, you can choose between the two.

If you want to change the network info i.e, change the Network Name and Network Password of your shared internet connection, you can do so by the edit option available under the Mobile Hotspot tab. Enter or edit the name and password on the box available just below the Network name and Network password respectively and then save it to make changes.

Using the above steps you can set up the mobile hotspot settings and share your internet connection with other devices. Also, you can add the Mobile Hotspot option in the Action Center and make it easier to use, from where you can simply turn on/off the mobile hotspot by a single click.

Follow the below step to add the Mobile Hotspot option on the Action Center,

  • Go to Windows settings (Follow the above Step 2 for Windows Settings)
  • Click on the system settings
  • Now click the Notification and actions tab.
  • You will see ‘Edit your quick actions’ under the Notification and actions tab. Click on ‘Edit your quick actions’ option.
  • It will Slide Left the Action Center with Add and Remove option. If the Mobile Hotspot option not available on the Action Center you can add it from the ‘Add’ option.
Connect your mobile to the Windows 10 PC internet

This is how you can add the Mobile Hotspot option on the Action Center. Now, Mobile Hotspot will be available on the Action Center from where you can turn it on/off in a single click.

I hope this article will be useful if you want to ‘ Connect your mobile to the Windows 10 PC internet ‘ and you can easily use the Mobile Hotspot option on your PC following the above steps.