Top 10 Best Hair Dryers in India 2023

Best Hair Dryers in India: Here is the list of recommended 10 best hair dryers for women and men in India 2023.

Best Hair Dryers in India 2023

Drying hair is an important routine in our everyday lives as dry hair enhances our look significantly.  If we have hair products or styling tools for drying out hair faster than it solves the hair drying issue as well as saves the time for maintaining hair for women and men as well.

A hair dryer can make our hair superbly smooth, frizzles and fashionable by blowing air into the hair in a few seconds only. Therefore, having a hairdryer with us could be a great help in our daily routine, but it should be a good and efficient hairdryer.

So, before you buy the product, it is important to have some time to understand the features and other important details.

If you want a long-lasting effect, it is important to invest in a good hairdryer because that also has a direct impact on hair quality. A good hair dryer should have the maximum required features like faster airflow, quick-dry, speed control settings, frizz-free, overheat safety, nozzles, etc. and can offer trendy hairstyles in no time.

Different brands offer different features and specifications according to the range of hairdryers. Choosing the best hair dryer that suits your requirement is challenging, as there is a variety of products available on the market.

So, to make your work easy we have made a list for the best hair dryers in India which will be the ultimate guide in selecting the best hair dryers for women and men. Now let’s get started with the list of best hair dryers in India 2023,

The List of Best hair dryer in India

1. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

Philips is one of the most famous and trusted brands of all time, as everyone knows. It has a wide range of hair styling products and hair dryers are one of them. Philips provides the best quality and budget-oriented products with excellent performance to customers.

best hair dryer in india

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer is the first choice in our list of best hair dryers in India. For both men and women, this can be the best option.

This hairdryer is smartly designed with a premium look and it is compact, simple to manage and lightweight hairdryer. The ThermoProtect temperature setting offers an optimum drying rate for your hair while protecting against overheating.

This hair dryer is built with a small compact size that is suitable for convenient storage and has simple handling. This 1000W hairdryer helps dry your hair in just a few seconds.

The rubberized hook is placed at the base of the handle and offers another storage option which is suitable for household or hotel use. Comes with a narrow concentrator that concentrates the airflow into certain areas through the opening. This leads to precise styling and is perfect for touch-ups or to finish a style.

Brief Specifications:

  1. Comes with 2-speed settings for flexible careful drying.
  2. It has a ThermoProtect temperature setting feature.
  3. Compact and ergonomic for easy use and convenient storage.
  4. Comes with an easy storage rubberised hook.
  5. This 1000W hairdryer provides the best airflow and gentle drying ability for excellent results every day.
  6. Comes with overheating safety, automatically turns off if the appliance overheats.
  7. 1.5  m Cord length for flexible use.
  8. 2 years of worldwide warranty/guarantee.

Tips on usage:

  • This product is a hot air dryer, dry hair carefully using the 2 flexible heat drying settings.
  • Do not use this appliance near water-containing bathtubs, showers basins or any other containers.
  • Upon use always unplug the appliance.
  • Unplug the appliance and allow for a few minutes to cool down until switching the appliance back on again.
  • Check the grills so they won’t be covered by fluff, hair etc.

2. Havells HD3151 Compact Hair Dryer 

In our list of best hair dryers in India, the Havells HD3151 acquired the second position. The hairdryer with 1200 W of power provides the best level airflow to make the hair smooth and glossy.

hair dryer for womens

Comes with 3 different temperature settings i.e., hot, warm and cool. Cool air shot is low-temperature airflow that is used to set the hairstyle for long-lasting results at the end of the drying session. The honeycomb inlet on the back of the dryer makes sure that the hair does not get wrapped/tangled unknowingly when drying.

Comes with Heat Balance Technology Ensures uniform heat distribution to prevent hair damage, leading to lower heat exposure. For maximum flexibility and comfort, the hairdryer comes with a 1.6 m power cord, offering large radius to travel around while you’re styling.

You can use the nozzle to gently guide the optimum airflow level for drying in specific sections. The hair dryer comes with a foldable handle for compact and flexible use. Also for storage option the storage hook is provided to easily hang the dryer anywhere.

Brief Specifications:

  1. Offers Smooth and efficient drying with the power of 1200 W.
  2. Comes with 3 different temperature settings i.e., hot, warm and cool.
  3. Comes with Heat Balance Technology Ensures uniform heat distribution.
  4. It has a 1.6 m power cord length.
  5. Storage hook is available for easy storage anywhere.
  6. Foldable handle for lightweight and portable use.
  7. Comes with a detachable nozzle to gently guide the optimal airflow level in specific sections.
  8. Separate cool shot button.
  9. This hair dryer has Honeycomb inlet at the back-side.
  10. Comes with 2-year Warranty/Guarantee.

3. Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer would be the second choice after Philips HP8100/46 hairdryer if you look only for the best hair dryer of Philips and also comes in the list of best hair dryers in India. This dryer comes in a combination of colours, polished & shiny look. This can be a beautiful option for the pink colour lover as it also comes in the pink colour variant as well as one of the best hair dryers for women and also can be a good choice for men.

best hair dryer of philips

This dryer comes with high quality stylish designed to care for all types of hair. This 1200W Hairdryer offers the optimal airflow and gentle drying power for beautiful, salon-like hair styling.

The ThermoProtect setting provides the optimal drying temperature while providing additional protection by drying your hair quickly without overheating, maintaining the natural moisture level of your hair for bright, healthy-looking hair.

It also provides cool air setting that allows you to dry hair at relatively low temperatures to minimize damage, which is particularly suitable for fine dry and damaged hair and can be useful during the hot summer season.

Again, the foldable handle is a unique feature of this dryer. This makes it a compact hair dryer that fits comfortably in the smallest spaces and you can take almost anywhere you want.

In addition, this portable hairdryer offers 3 pre-selected heat & speed settings for cool, caring or fast drying.

Brief Specifications:

  1. For optimum airflow level and gentle drying, this hair dryer comes with 1200W power.
  2. Offers 3 Pre-Selected Drying Settings for different needs.
  3. Comes with ThermoProtect temperature setting.
  4. It has a cool air setting for drying hair at relatively low temperatures.
  5. This dryer has a foldable handle for compact and flexible use.
  6. It has a rubberized hook for storage.
  7. Comes with 1.5 m cord length.

4. SYSKA HD1610 Hair Dryer

Syska is also a well-known brand and one of the top brands in manufacturing electronic appliances. The hairdryer is one of its product categories and the Syska HD1610 hair dryer should be considered in our list when we are thinking about the best hair dryer in India.

best hair dryer for men

This 1200W TrendSetter hair dryer provides the perfect shiny, smooth and frizz-free conditioning to your hair. Comes with The heat balance technology that prevents the concentration of heat and uniformly distributes hot air to dry your hair. and has 2 pre-selected heat & speed settings which gives you the flexibility to regulate the airflow and retain your hair moisture.

It includes overheating protection for safe hair drying. The narrow concentrator offers quick-drying, with frizz-free hair and allows you to try new types of hair.  This compact lightweight hair dryer comes with a foldable design that makes it easy to carry wherever you want.

Brief Specifications:

  1. The trendy 1200W hairdryer is quick to dry and style your hair for everyday use.
  2. Comes with the Over-heat Protection feature.
  3. Heat balance technology & instant heating and fast drying.
  4. Uniform Temperature: Constant temperature of care to preserve the natural level of moisture in your hair for bright and healthy-looking hair.
  5. Comes with 2 pre-selected heat & speed control settings.
  6. Comes with a foldable handle, making it lightweight, flexible and convenient when travelling.
  7. Offers 2 years warranty.

5. Philips HP8141/00 Hair Dryer

Here is another Philips hairdryer in our list for best hair dryers in India. This hair dryer carries almost the same feature like the above listed Philips hairdryer but we will look over all the best specs available in this dryer. This dryer can be the best hair dryer for women as well as the best hair dryer for men.

This 1000W power hair dryer provides the best airflow and gentle drying performance for a beautiful result each day. This product comes with 2 adjustable speed settings to control the drying speed.

This hair dryer is lightweight and ergonomic and has a smart, modern design. It is a light and easy-to-handle dryer but compact enough to store practically anywhere. Comes with easy storage rubberized hook located at the base of the handle particularly useful in the home or while staying at a hotel, for convenient storage.

The narrow concentrator works by concentrating the airflow through the opening on a specific section. This leads to precise styling and is perfect for touch-ups or finishing hairstyle.

Brief Specifications:

  1. Comes with 1000w power for best airflow and gentle drying performance.
  2. Is supplied with a 1.5 m cord to ensure maximum flexibility in all designs.
  3. Narrow concentrator for concentrated airflow.
  4. Offers 2 Flexible speed settings to dry with care.
  5. Comes with easy storage rubberized hook.
  6. This hair dryer is compact and travels friendly.
  7. Provides 2-year Warranty/Guarantee.

6. Panasonic EH-ND11 Hair Dryer

Now comes the Panasonic EH-ND11 in our list for best hair dryer in India. Panasonic also manufactures a wide range of products and appliances and hair dryers are one of them.

Panasonic EH-ND11 can be a useful hair dryer for men and women to get a stylish look. This hair dryer comes with 1000 Watts of power that adds volume to your hair by drying from the roots upwards and you can get a soft and a glossy finish.

Comes with Turbo Dry Mode, that produces high speed yet gentle flow of air that dries your hair and protects it against heat damage. Depending on the length, texture and volume of your hair, you can choose between two different air blow speed and heat.

This hair dryer is portable and small enough to fit in your travel bags or luggage. So, you can take this anywhere with you when travelling. This dryer is built for easy daily use. The sleek handle and style make it ergonomic and user-friendly.

This hair dryer also has a hanging notch which can always come to use while storing in any hooks. The hairdryer has a 1.8-meter long power cord for tangle-free and convenient use which allows easy use in all styles.

Brief Specifications:

  1. 1000 watt dryers produce powerful air blows that completely dry your hair in minutes and get salon-like styling for your hair.
  2. Compact and compact style to take your personal stylist everywhere you travel.
  3. Turbo Dry Mode to produce high speed and gentle airflow to dry hair while protecting it against heat damage
  4. It has 2 speed and heat mode selections.
  5. It has a hanging notch.
  6. Comes with 1.8 m cord length for tangle-free and flexible use.
  7. 2 Year Panasonic India Warranty from the date of purchase.

7. VEGA Hair Dryer (VHDH-05)

One of the popular dryers is the Vega Blooming Air 1000W hairdryer, as it offers wonderful hair styling on the go. This hair dryer features a special hot and cold airflow system that allows for flexible styling and complete drying.

best hair dryer price

The hairdryer has a comfortable, flexible styling and drying 2 pre-selected settings. Heat settings are used for drying wet hair and cool settings to cool the hair and are suitable for summertime drying.

The hairdryer is sleek and a versatile folding handle for easy storage, with a hanging loop. It has a detachable end cap for easy cleaning. The hairdryer is fitted with automatic overheat cut-out protection that protects the dryer against overheating.

Brief Specifications:

  1. Comes with 1000W for Quick Dry.
  2. It has 2 settings, 1 cool and 1 heat.
  3. Automatic cut out overheating protection.
  4. Convenient and simple to store folding handle.
  5. Comes with a hanging loop for storage.
  6. Removable nozzle attachment for easy cleaning.
  7. For flexible use, it has a 1.6 m cord length.
  8. On purchase of this product, you will get a 2-year warranty.

8. Havells HD3201 Ionic Hair Dryer

We already talked about the Havells hairdryer above. The Havells  HD3201 Ionic hairdryer is another best hair dryer which comes with 1500W for a faster and efficient blow-dry and Ionic flow that ensures frizz-free hair and more important features to keep your hair smooth and manageable.  So let’s check the important details about this hairdryer,

best hair dryer brand in india

For everyday styling, the 1500w powerful blow hairdryer can be a good choice. This dryer comes with Ionic care, Ionic flow neutralizes the hair’s dust and reduces frizz from hair. It flatters the cuticle and makes the hair smooth and shiny and keeps it clean and hydrated.

The dryer provides fixed concentrator, drives the optimal airflow level in specific sections carefully and efficiently for accurate blow-drying. It has heat balance technology, ensures a balanced heat distribution to avoid hair damage, which decreases heat exposure.

The foldable handle makes this dryer compact and easy to store and carry when travelling. It has temperature settings and offers cool air shot, which is low-temperature airflow that sets the style for long-term results at the end of the drying session.

As this dryer comes with 1500w powerful air blower motor so the noise becomes an important factor, so this dryer doesn’t produce much noise. It has a power cable of 1.6 meters, for maximum flexibility and convenience. Also comes with a storage hook, after use you can hang the dryer using the storage hook provided.

Brief Specifications:

  1. It has a foldable handle option for compact and travels friendly.
  2. Heat balance technology to ensure uniform heat distribution to avoid hair damage, leading to less exposure to heat.
  3. Comes with Ionic care feature that keeps hair soft & smooth after drying.
  4. Cool air shot is low-temperature airflow to set the style alive.
  5. Comes with different temperature or speed changing settings.
  6. Storage hook for perfect storage option.
  7. The Fixed Concentrator to gently guides the optimal airflow level in particular sections.
  8. 1500w Strong and effective dry blow for fast results.
  9. Comes with 1.6 m power cord for flexible use in any style.
  10. On purchase of this product, you will get a 2 Year Warranty/Guarantee.

9. CHAOBA 2800 Hair Dryer

In our list of best hair dryers in India, the CHAOBA Hair Dryer should not be skipped as this hair dryer comes with numerous features like 2000 Watts power, adjustable speed, long cord, detachable back filter, etc.

best hair dryer professional

This professional hairdryer can be one of the best hair dryers for women and men. The hairdryer runs on a 2000W powerful wind motor. If you are looking for a high power hair dryer then you can go for this dryer.

This hair dryer comes with adjustable speed and quick heating feature that makes it simple to use as well as provides both hot and cold air, the temperature can be adjusted to suit your needs and style.

This convenient hairdryer has a firm grip and prevents hand slipping as well as the detachable back filter.  A 2-meter long power cord allows easy and flexible use in all styles.

Brief Specifications:

  1. Comes with 3 heat setting and speed Setting.
  2. You have the option for both hot and cool air.
  3. 2-meter long power cord length.
  4. Comes with 2 small diffusers like nozzle
  5. Uses Ionic Conditioning technology.
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10. Havells HD3101 Hair Dryer

At last, we have one more Havells product in our list of best hair dryers. This can be a budget-friendly hairdryer if you are looking for the best hair dryer under 1000.

which is best hair dryer

For a gentle blow dry, this hair dryer comes with 1200W, leaves you with smooth and shiny hair. It can be perfectly applied for daily styling.

This hair dryer has 2 temperature settings (hot and warm) that let you dry your hair at different temperatures. Smooth and powerful dry options let you use the dryer just like you want. It is suitable for all kinds of hair. It helps you to dry your hair easily, even from a distance.

Heat balance technology ensures a uniform heat distribution to avoid hair damage, resulting in less exposure to heat. The inlet of the honeycomb at the back of the dryer ensures that the hair will not get unknowingly tangled during drying.

Comes with a 1.6 m long power cord for maximum flexibility and comfort, giving you a wide range to move around while you’re styling. You can hang the dryer using the given storage hook, letting you have a perfect storage option.

Brief Specifications:

  1. It has 1200W hairdryer motor for a gentle blow-dry.
  2. Comes with 2 adjustable temperature settings for warm and hot airflow.
  3. Suitable for all styles of hair.
  4. 2 Speed settings.
  5. It has a storage hook that lets you hang the dryer for storage.
  6. Honeycomb inlet at the back of the dryer ensures that the hair is not unknowingly tangled when drying.
  7. Comes with a power cord of 1.6 m for maximum flexibility and comfort.
  8. Heat balance technology to ensure uniform distribution and prevent hair damage.
  9. The dryer is lightweight which makes easy handling and travelling friendly.
  10. 2-year Product Warranty/Guarantee.

This was our list of 10 best hair dryers in India and their detailed features. Now let’s have a look over some of the important factors that will help you to choose the best hair dryer.

Best hair dryer in India – Buyer’s Guide

There are some important factors to consider when purchasing a hairdryer like lightweight, simple to use, low noise, etc. which we are going to discuss briefly now, so you can choose the best hair dryer easily.

Usage Type:
You should be sure when buying a hairdryer, how you are going to use the hair dryer. What is the type of hair? You can choose a hairdryer that is best for your hair or buy a hairdryer that is suitable for all types of hairs. 

Weight is an important factor when purchasing a hairdryer. Heavy hair dryers may dry your hair quickly due to its powerful motor and can be good if you have thick long hair but it sometimes becomes difficult to hold and carry when travelling. For more convenient and frequent use, buy a lightweight hair dryer.

Temperature Control:
Purchasing a dryer with a temperature control setting would allow you to choose a different temperature setting and careful drying for your hair. Higher temperature usage for a long time may lead to hair damage.

Overheat Protection:
Sometimes overheating may damage your hair while drying. So buy a dryer that has overheating protection if you are choosing a powerful dryer with the high-temperature feature. You may also check the heat distribution function, some dryers have a uniform heat distribution feature to prevent hair damage, resulting in lower heat exposure.

Cool Shot:
Some dryers also provide cool shot button making handling easy for cool air-flow. You may consider choosing those dryers for the separate button for cool airflow.

Price is also important for purchasing a hairdryer as they range from hundreds to thousands of rupees. Different brands have different hairdryer ranges according to their quality and features, so buy hair that fulfils your recruitment and your budget-friendly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Best Hair Dryers

Why should I use a hair dryer?

A dryer blows hot, worm or cold air onto your wet hair to accelerate water evaporation and dry your hair. Using a hair dryer you can easily dry your hair and helps add volume to the hair and also get a salon-like look.

Hair Dryers Price in India?

You can get a hairdryer with a minimum price of Rs100-150 and the maximum price depends on the features and different factors of the hairdryer. You can get the best hair dryer by just investing some hundreds or thousands of rupees.

How many watts is a good hair dryer?

High wattage hair dryer gives a more efficient and faster air blow. Different wattage of hair dryers come in different price ranges, you can choose a hair dryer wattage according to your hair volume and requirement for quick dry.

Do hair dryers help hair grow?

No. Hairdryer lets you dry the hair faster and more effectively. You can easily add bounce to your hair strands and make them shine & get wonderful hair.

Does an expensive hair dryer make a difference?

Brands add different features and technology for different ranges of hair dryers. Like Wattage, ThermoProtect, Power Consumption, Heat Balance Technology, Overheating protection, etc. some low-cost hair dryers also come with good features but if you want more specs or premium features then you can go for an expensive hair dryer.

Which hair dryer is best?

We already mentioned in our list about the 10 best hair dryers in India and I hope you’ve also reviewed the buyer’s guide that will help you select the best dryer.
In this article our list for best hair dryer are:

1. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer,
Havells HD3151 Compact Hair Dryer,
. Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer,
. SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610,
. Philips HP8141/00 Dryer,
. Panasonic EH-ND11-P62B Hair Dryer,
. VEGA Hair Dryer (VHDH-05),
. Havells HD3201 Ionic Hair Dryer,
. CHAOBA Professional Hair Dryer,
. Havells HD3101 Hair Dryer.

I hope you liked the article for the ‘best hair dryers in India’ and now you can easily decide to buy the best hair dryers from the above list. If you have any queries and suggestions then mention in the comment box below and share this article with friends and relatives who are thinking of buying hair dryers. This article will also be helpful if you are looking for a ‘best hair dryer for women’ or ‘best hair dryer for men’.

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