5 Best Hair Straighteners under 2000

Best hair straighteners under 2000 in India: Here is the list of recommended 5 best hair straighteners under 2000 rs in India for women and men.



Heat-Up Time

Philips HP8302

60 Seconds

Philips BHS386

60 Seconds

Havells HS4121

60 Seconds

Syska SuperGlam HS6810

60 Seconds

Nova NHS-900

30 Seconds

Today in this post we will be talking about the Top 5 Best hair straighteners in India under 2000 rs.

In our previous post we already discussed the 10 Best hair straighteners in India but the price range was not fixed and it become difficult to find the best when you are looking for budget oriented hair straighteners.

So to make your work easy we are here with a list of 5 best hair straighteners in India under 2000 rupees. After reading this post you will be able to choose one of the best hair straighteners under 2000 rupees.

Hair straightener is one of the most important grooming products as the product helps you easily groom your hair anywhere and get the desired look. Hair straightener is also very effective in treating heavy or long hair and achieves flawless results.

Therefore, it is important to understand the features and other relevant product information before you purchase the item.

What do you think?

I know the answer is Yes. If you want a long-lasting impact, it is also important to invest in a good hair straightener, which directly influences hair quality.

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So without wasting more time let’s get started with the list of Top 5 Best hair straighteners in India under 2000 rs,

Best hair straighteners under 2000

1. Philips HP8302 Hair Straightener

We will start with Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener as it is one of the best options for hair straighteners under 2000 Rs. Also, we know Philips is one of the most trusted and reliable brands to offer grooming products of all time. So, the  Hair Straightener Philips HP8302/06 is a perfect choice and fits in with the 2000 rupees budget. 

best philips hair straightener under 2000

Features & Details:

  1. Plates glide through your hair more smoothly than silk at an optimized temperature that minimizes friction and resulting in less heat exposure.
  2. Comes with Infused Ceramic plates for straight hair and ultra-smooth gliding.
  3. Offers 210 ° C Temperature styling that allows you to easily adjust your hair shape and give you salon-like hairstyle in your home.
  4. The straightener is ready to use in 60 seconds and has a fast heating time.
  5. Comes with a 1.6 m cord to optimize flexibility wherever necessary.
  6. The swivel cord technology rotates the cord easily and with no tangle.

Tips of Use:

  • Brush the hair gently and divide it into simple sections for styling. Lift the hair portion with your fingertips you want to style.
  • Place your hair between the styling plates with the Selfie Straightener. Pull the straightener down and glide your hair carefully.
  • Repeat the straightening procedure to make the rest of your hairstyle and get smooth, straight and silky hair result.


  • 1.6 m cord length
  • Heat Up in just 60 sec
  • Swivel cord (Rotates the cord easily for flexible use)
  • Styling Temp. of 210 ° C for seamless styling
  • Light Indicator
  • Infused ceramic plates
  • 2 years Philips India warranty


  • It takes a bit more time in Straightening thick hair

2. Philips BHS386 Kera Shine Straightener

Philips BHS386 hair straightener comes with temperature control, ionic technology and keratin coating that lets you get the perfect hairstyle that you want in no time. The straightening plates have a standard length of 90 mm, resulting in faster and easier straightening and have the option of 2 temperature settings.

Best Hair Straighteners under 2000 rs

Features & Details:

  1. Smooth plates flow through the hair, reducing friction for beautiful straightened silky hair resulting in less heat exposure.
  2. Keratin-infused ceramic plates: For ultimate gliding this straightener has ceramic plates infused with Keratin.
  3. 210 ͦ C professional heat: This high temperature helps you to change your hair shape and give you the perfect look
  4. Variable temperature control: For extra care it allows you to adjust the temperature setting to 190 ͦ C or 210 ͦ C.
  5. Instant heat up: The hair straightener is ready to use and can heat up within 60 seconds.
  6. Ionic care: You can get instant care to your hair with the ionic conditioning. 
  7. The straightening plates are 90 mm long and can be straightened more quickly and easily.
  8. For maximum flexibility, the hair straightener is fitted with a 1.6-meter cable.
  9. It’s very easy to use as it provides a simple mechanism and controls which allows you to get whatever the type of style in ease.


  • Keratin infused ceramic plates
  • Heat Up in 60 sec
  • Cord length of 1.6 m
  • Long plates
  • Swivel cord
  • Light Indicator
  • 2 temperature settings
  • 2 Years Philips India Warranty

3. Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener

Havells is a leading brand for electrical appliances and hair straightener is one of its products under grooming category. Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener is one of the best hair straighteners in India under 2000 rs which we should consider in our list.

This Hair Straightener is fitted with good features such as ceramic coated wide plate, digital temperature, long cord, etc. Let’s look at the detailed features, advantages and disadvantages.

best hair straightener in india under 2000

Features & Details:

  1. Comes with the rubberized and flexible 1.8 m long cable, provides plenty of space for movement while it is being used.
  2. In 60 seconds the straightener heats up quickly and is ready for flawless results.
  3. The hair straightener comes with plates locking system to ensure maximum storage flexibility.
  4. If you have long, thick or coarse hair then this wide plate hair straightener will be a good option for your hair.
  5. The ceramic plates provide an exceptionally smooth glide through your hair, helps remove frizz and keep your hair shiny.
  6. Comes with a floating plate coated with 40×100 mm ceramic, The increased width of the plate can straighten more hair in one go and will help reduce the time needed for styling.
  7. The straightener comes with control buttons, Start your styling session using a Power Button. To increase or decrease the temperature, the temperature control buttons + and – can be used. When you finish, press the power button to turn off.
  8. Provides 5 temperature configuration for safe use.
  9. In order to prevent accidents and save electricity, the hair straightener shuts off after 60 minutes automatically.


  • 1.8m Power Cord
  • Heat up time: 60 sec
  • 5 different temperature settings
  • 360° Swivel cord
  • Wide Plate
  • Digital temperature display
  • Safe Usage: Shuts off after 60 minutes automatically

Cons: Effects remains around  7-8 hours

4. Syska SuperGlam HS6810 Hair Straightener

Syska SuperGlam HS6810 Hair Straightener can also be considered as a good option for Best hair straighteners in India under 1000. So, it is in our list of the Best hair straighteners under 2000.

hair straighteners under 2000

Features & Details:

  1. The Syska HS6810 SuperGlam Hair Straightener has a rapid heating function of 60 seconds. With the help of which you can begin to style your hair in no time to get a shiny, frizz-free hair.
  2. With these ceramic coating plates which glide smoothly through hair, it is easy to get the desired look.
  3. This hair straightener comes with overheating technology. Because of this you need not worry about damaging your hair or any other electronic failures like short circuits and all if you forgot to switch it off.
  4. Comes with Heat balance technology. A PTC heater which is a heat balance technology to provide heat uniformly on the plates to straighten or style your hair giving it a shiny and smooth look.
  5. The Syska SuperGlam Hair Straightener has a sleek, brilliant finish to give it the additional style element.
  6. The 360 ͦ C swivel cord prevents it from getting tangled up and also makes it easy to use.
  7. The Syska SuperGlam is an easy-to-travel hair straightener because of its easy locking push-button.
  8. High-temperature heat resistance plate: This hair straightener uses a ceramic coated high-temperature heat resistant coating which is relatively quick to cool down.


  • 360 ͦ C swivel cord
  • Heat Balance Technology
  • Heat Resistant Plate
  • Auto-off Overheat Protection
  • Stylish & Travel friendly
  • Safe & Easy to Use
  • Lockable handle
  • LED Indicator
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Takes more time for long and thick hair due to small plates.
  • Not long Lasting

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5. Nova NHS-900 Hair Straightener

Nova NHS-900 Hair Straightener is a good product to be considered for Best Hair Straighteners in India below 2000 rs in our list.

Features & Details:

  1. The straightener comes with ceramic coating, which is perfect for heat retention.
  2. The straightener comes with temperature control which is adjustable. This feature allows the user to adjust the temperature according to their requirements.
  3. This straightener has an auto-shut off feature. It gives the user maximum protection, and the straightener will turn off automatically when completely heated.
  4. This straightener comes with 4 temperature settings . You can pick the right temperature setting to match your hairstyle.


  • 4 different Temperature Settings
  • Auto Shut Off (Heat Protection)
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Wider Plates


  • Difficult use in wavy or curly hair.
  • Takes more time to use in Thick hair.

In the above list we discussed about the “5 Best hair straighteners under 2000” in India in details.

Brief List of Best hair straighteners under 2000 are:

  • Philips HP8302/06 Hair Straightener
  • Philips BHS386 Kera Shine Straightener
  • Havells HS4121 Wide
  • Syska SuperGlam HS6810
  • Nova NHS-900

If you want a to choose a hair straightener under a range of 1500 Rupees than from the above list you may also consider the best Hair Straightener under 1500 Rs.

Best Hair Straightener under 1500 

  • Philips HP8302/06 Hair Straightener
  • Syska SuperGlam HS6810
  • Nova NHS-982

I hope you liked the  post for the Best hair straighteners under 2000 in India. If you you have any question or suggestion feel free to mention in the comment box. Also, share this post with your friends and relatives who are looking for the best hair straightener under 2000 rupees.

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