10 Best Hair Straighteners in India

Best hair straighteners in India: Here is the list of recommended 10 best hair straightener in India 2023 for women and men.

Best hair straighteners in India

In some parts of our life, most of us wish to look different. Some like to have good looks like straight hairs. So yeah, this article gives you the specifics of the best straightener for the best results to buy.

As straight hair is loved by most of the ladies. It’s not just classy but elegant as well. Moreover, you can carry these hair straighteners anywhere, whether it’s a party, office or a meeting. 

So before buying the product, spending some time understanding the features and other important details about the product is important.

It is important to invest in a good hair straightener if one wants a long-lasting effect as this directly affects the quality of hair as well. And yes, it’s a bit difficult to choose the right product because there is a flood of products in the market. Picking up the right brand and the right models put people into confusion.

You can choose between the premium, straightening simple or vibrant hair and feel the hassle-free straightening at home. Check the best features and determine which one meets your requirements. Such lightweight appliances are easy to travel and can be anywhere your personal hairstylist. Sport the hairstyle you have always wished for.

Being a wise consumer, don’t forget to read the users review, compare prices and explore the best deals. You can buy it online and deliver it to you by your doorstep.

Now and then, new and innovative technologies are being updated to deliver products. We made a list of the best hair straighteners to make your load a bit lighter. It helps you understand what’s best for you.

When we are talking about the best hair straighteners in India then it should carry the maximum features and quality that fulfils your recruitment. Like expensive and cheap, easy and simple to carry, travel-friendly, safe, and all types of features which today’s generation wants.

So now let’s get started with the list best hair straighteners products in India

Best hair straighteners in India 2022

1. Philips HP8318/00 HAIR STRAIGHTENER

So, like everyone knows Philips has been one of the most reputed and the most trusted brands of all time. Because it provides us with the best features under affordable price ranges and with less maintenance. So, when it comes to the best hair straightener in India Philips HP8318/00 is one of them.

best hair straightener in philips

Philips hair straightener HP8318/00 comes with temperature control, ionic technology and keratin coating that will help you get the beautiful hair and style you want in no time. The extra-large plates are designed to minimize damage to thick or long hairs. That’s why this straightener is under our list of best hair straighteners in India. Now let’s check the important features that make it best hair straighteners of Philips.


  1. The Hair straightener takes almost no time in just 60seconds to heat up.
  2. Comes with 2 temperature controls that help change the styling temperature to 190 ° C or 210 ° C to get a new look shine and for extra care.
  3. The 210 ° C professional high heat for perfect results and preferred styling.
  4. It comes with wide plates which are very helpful for thick or long hair. The increased width of the plate will straighten more hair in one go and helps reduce styling time.
  5. Is supplied with a 1.8 m cord to provide maximum flexibility in all styles.
  6. Comes with a tangle-free swivel cord.
  7. Equipped with Keratin-infused ceramic plates for optimum gliding and shine.
  8. SilkPro Care: Plates that are smoother than silk glide with controlled temperature through your hair, reducing friction and resulting in less heat exposure.
  9. Provides Philips India 2 years warranty from purchase date.


Here’s another product from Philips which also counts under our list of best hair straighteners of India. This hair straightener is the same as the Philips hp8318/00 one but with some difference. Its does not have a temperature control system as the other has. The plate dimension is slightly less than the Philips HP8318/00 hair straightener as the timeless amount of hair is straightened. This straightener also comes in the list of best Philips hair straightener.

best hair straighteners in India

Features & Details:

  1. Silky smooth plates and less heat exposure.
  2. Provides 210°C Professional Heat temperature that allows you to change the shape of your hair, and gives you the perfect results.
  3. This hair straightener has ceramic plates filled with keratin to offer absolute shine and ultrasmooth gliding.
  4. The straightener has a quick heat-up time, ready to use within 60 seconds.
  5. For maximum flexibility, comes with a 1.8 m cord
  6. Tangle-free swivel cord.
  7. These extra wide straightening plates help easy use for thick or long hair.
  8. You can treat your hair with ionic conditioning with this straighter. Charged negative ions eliminate static and frizzy hair.

3. Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Hair Straightener is the best hair straightener if you are looking for a straightener around Rs 1000. In the above list, we already talked about the Philips hair straighteners and this straightener also comes with nearly the same features at a reasonable price. Let’s have a look at the features of Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Hair Straightener which is considered as the best Philips hair straightener.

best brand for hair straightener in India

Features & Details:

  1. Plates glide through your hair smoothly than silk at an optimized temperature that minimizes friction and reduces heat exposure.
  2. Comes with Infused Ceramic plates for straight hair and ultra-smooth gliding.
  3. Offers 210 ° C Styling Temperature that allows you to change your hair shape easily and gives you the perfect look.
  4. The straightener is ready for use within 60 seconds and has a fast heat up time.
  5. Comes with 1.6 m cord to maximize flexibility anywhere.
  6. The technology for swivel cords rotates the cord conveniently and tangle-free use.

Tips of Use:

  • Brush your hair gently and split it into simple styling sections. Lift the hair section you want to style with your fingertips.
  • Place your hair between the styling plates with the Selfie Straightener. Pull the straightener down and glide your hair carefully.
  • Repeat the straightening procedure to make the rest of your hairstyle and get smooth, straight and silky hair result.

4. Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener

Havells, a leading brand for electric products, offers a hair straightener in its female grooming range so that you can get silky straight hair in minutes anywhere. Havells has designed an exclusive range of hair straightener to ease the tedious process of hair straightening. The brand has consistently strived to offer the best quality products to the consumers. 

the best hair straighteners

Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener is one of the best hair straighteners in India.

Features & Details:

  1. This allows you to get the salon-like styling in your house. The coated ceramic plates flow through your hair and make your hair bright and smooth.
  2. Loose curls and waves can be easily achieved. Use the curved edges and change your look in a couple of seconds.
  3. Get a nice voluminous hair.
  4. It comes with ceramic floating plates with a 25×120 mm coat.
  5. On your hair, ceramic plates glide very smoothly. It removes frizz and maintains hair bounce and shine. It adjusts hair’s thickness and prevents and hair relatively avoids pressure. Prevents breakage of the hair.
  6. Comes with a comfortable locking system to protect hair straightener, especially during storage and travel.
  7. The straightener is fitted with instant heat technology, which easily heats up in 45 seconds and is ready to use.
  8. The built-in temperature that can be achieved by the straightener is 210 ° C, which is the perfect styling temperature.


Again when we are talking about the best hair straightener in India then this straightener can’t be left as this is also the best hair straighteners of Philips.

which best hair straighteners

Philips hair straightener BHS386 comes with temperature control, ionic technology and keratin coating which helps you get the perfect hair and style you want in no time. The straightening plates have a standard length of 90 mm, leading to faster and easier straightening and have the option to control with 2 temperature settings.

Features & Details:

  1. Smooth plates glide through hair resulting in less heat exposure minimizing friction for beautiful straightened silky hair.
  2. Keratin-infused ceramic plates: This straightener has ceramic plates infused with keratin for ultimate gliding.
  3. 210 ͦ C professional heat: This high temperature allows you to change the shape of your hair and to give you the perfect look that you just got from the salon.
  4. Variable temperature control: For extra care it allows you to adjust the temperature setting to 190 ͦ C or 210 ͦ C.
  5. Instant heat up: The hair straightener can heat up within 60 seconds and ready to use.
  6. Ionic care: Gives instant care to your hair with the ionic condition. Charged negative ions eliminate static, condition your hair, and smooth the hair to intensify hairs shine and glossiness. It results in smooth and frizz-free hair with a beautiful shine.
  7. The straightening plates are 90 mm long and can be straightened more quickly and easily.
  8. For maximum flexibility, the hair straightener is fitted with a 1.6-meter cable.
  9. It’s very easy to use as it provides a simple mechanism and controls which allows you to get whatever the type of style in ease.

6. SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

Nowadays Syska is becoming one of the leading brands in India because of its cheap price and the guarantee which is provided by the brands. Its manufactures mostly every electronic appliance. One of them is hair straighteners.

The last thing you want to spend time on when you get ready in hurry is fixing your hair up. And you can’t even go to the salon since it wastes your prized time and can cost you so much money sometimes.

best hair straightener in India 2020

Here introducing the Syska SuperGlam HS6810 Hair Straightener under our list of best hair straighteners in India 2023.

Features & Details:

  1. The Syska HS6810 SuperGlam Hair Straightener has a rapid heating function of 60 seconds. With the help of which you can begin to style your hair in no time to get a shiny, frizz-free hair.
  2. With these ceramic coating plates which glide smoothly through hair, it is easy to get the desired look.
  3. This hair straightener comes with overheating technology. Because of this you need not worry about damaging your hair or any other electronic failures like short circuit and all if you forgot to switch it off.
  4. Comes with Heat balance technology. A PTC heater which is a heat balance technology to provide heat uniformly on the plates to straighten or style your hair giving it a shiny and smooth look.
  5. The Syska SuperGlam Hair Straightener has a sleek, brilliant finish to give it the additional style element.
  6. The product is safe and user-friendly. Its design makes controlling easy and safe. It is also relatively rapid cooling with a high-temperature ceramic-coated plate.
  7. The 360 ͦ C swivel cord prevents it from getting tangled up and also makes it easy to use.
  8. The Syska SuperGlam is an easy-to-travel hair straightener because of its easy locking push-button.
  9. High-temperature heat resistance plate: This hair straightener uses a ceramic coated high-temperature heat resistant coating which is relatively quick to cool down.
  10. The 2-year warranty ensures absolute peace of mind made with the latest technology and expertise in Korea.

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Ikonic pro titanium shine straightener is one the best hair straightener in India in our list. It has wide plates for styling all types of hair and heats up in seconds to provide you with straight and shiny results. The Pro Titanium Shine has wider plates to style all hair types and heats up in 10 seconds to give you straight and bright results.

top hair straightener

Features & Details:

  1. Heats up in 10 seconds to give you straight and shiny results.
  2. This gently heats the hair from the inside out with advanced floating titanium plates, providing a long-lasting, smooth, elegant, and polished finish.
  3. Tourmaline ceramic plates emit gentle, far-infrared heat that is hair friendly
  4. Comes with an LED display and adjustable temperature range from 130 ͦ C to 230 ͦ C.
  5. Equipped with Professional PTC heater and dual ceramic heaters for quick heat recovery and immediate heat up.
  6. Auto-adjustable floating plates to ensure full contact across the entire surface of the plates for easy gliding without gaps and pulling.
  7. Comes with auto one hour shut off feature.
  8. This Straightener hair comes with an extra-long, professional 9 ft length cord and a free 360 ° tangle swivel cord.
  9. Easy to Maintain.


  • Effective 1 year from purchase date.
  • The product can be replaced within three months or restored within one year of the original purchase date if the material or workmanship is found to be faulty.

Best Tips:

  • Hold the hair ends while smoothing the section of the hair for best results.
  • Use the rounded edge of the straightening plates of the iron to curl ends over or under to create flips or curls.
  • Easy release pressure to remove hair from the straightener and allow the hair to gently slip out of the smoothing plates.
  • Let the hair cool off before combing or brushing.
  • Repeat the process until the look you through is achieved.
  • Wait to cool before storing the appliance.
  • When plugged in, the user should not leave a device unattended.

instruction on Use:

  • Put the plug into the power-point to connect the appliance to the right power supply.
  • To pick the desired temperature configuration depending on the hair conditions, press the power button on the Straightener and then the temperature control button.
  • When first use, start with the lowest setting. Here are the temperature selection and hair type details.
Heat selectionHair type 
130 °C – 170 °CThin Hair 
170 °C – 210 °CMedium Textured Hair
210 °C – 230 °CThick Hair
  • Light flashes throughout the heating process. The light stops blinking when the target temperature is reached and the straightener is ready to use.
  • Separate a 2-inch section of the hair, put your hair gently between the smooth plates and hold the straightener firmly to your hair. When you work from the scalp to the ends of the hair you obtain professional results.
  • Once the hair is heated, move the iron carefully along the isolated section, making sure the hair is heated and straightened to the ends. It is possible that the ends will need less heat compared to the hair, which grows closer to the scalp.

More Usage detail: Download here

8. Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener

The Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener is another best hair straightener in our list, if you are looking at a range of 1500, this can be considered as the best hair straightener under 1500.

best hair straightener

Features & Details:

  1. Provides SlikPro Care, Plates glide through your hair more smoothly than silk, minimizing friction and lower heat exposure.
  2. Equipped with Ceramic Plates, that provides smooth gliding and straight hair.
  3. Optimal 210 ° C temperature allows you to modify the shape and look of your hair.
  4. You can adjust the styling temperature to 190 ° C or 210 ° C for extra care at lower temperatures, and you can control the styling setting more effectively.
  5. The straightener is ready for use in 60 seconds and has a quick heating time.
  6. The straightening plates are 90 mm long, making straightening quick and easy.
  7. For maximum flexibility, the straightening comes with 1.6 m cord.
  8. The swivel cord technology rotates the cord conveniently, thus preventing unnecessary tangles.

9. Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener

As I already mentioned Havells is also one of the most trusted brands and provides the best hair straightener in India. 

best hair straightener in India

For a great experience and with less damage you can choose this hair straightener from Havells. Let’s have a look at the features & details of one of this hair straighteners.

Features & Details:

  1. Comes with the rubberized and flexible 1.8 m long cable, provides plenty of space for movement while it is being used.
  2. In 60 seconds the straightener heats up quickly and is ready for flawless results.
  3. The hair straightener comes with plates to ensure maximum storage flexibility.
  4. If you have long, thick or coarse hair then this wide plate hair straightener will be a good option for your hair.
  5. The ceramic plates provide an exceptionally smooth glide through your hair, helps remove frizz and keep your hair shiny.
  6. Comes with a floating plate coated with 40×100 mm ceramic, The increased width of the plate can straighten more hair in one go and will help reduce the time needed for styling.
  7. The straightener comes with control buttons, Start your styling session using a Power Button. To increase or decrease the temperature, the temperature control buttons + and – can be used. When you finish, press the power button to turn off.
  8. Provides 5 temperature configuration for safe use.
  9. In order to prevent accidents and save electricity, the hair straightener shuts off after 60 minutes automatically.


This hair straightener is probably the same as the Ikonic pro titanium shine straightener. With a sleek curved design for easier control, the advanced ceramic pro hair straightener makes straightening and curlier easier and faster than ever. Having a temperature control system and advanced floating ceramic plates with nano titanium technology makes for a smoother and faster performance.

what's best hair straightener

Features & Details:

  1. The LED display is provided with a temperature range adjustable between 150 ° C and 230 ° C.
  2. Comes with Tourmaline ceramic plates which emit gentle, far-reaching infrared heat which eliminates frizz.
  3. The Auto-adjustable floating plates ensure easy glide styling without any gaps or stretch.
  4. After a period of time, the one-hour auto shut off function allows the straightener to be shut off.
  5. Comes with professional extra-long 9 ft length cord and 360 ° tangle-free swivel cord.
  6. For straightening, styling and volumising, this hair straightener has bevelled edges.

So, This is the list of 10 best hair straighteners in India. I hope now you will be easily able to choose the best hair straightener from the above list.

Best Hair Straighteners In India – Buyer’s Guide

To choose the best hair straightener in India you should consider some of these important factors to help you to make your best decision which suits you best.


The hair straighteners come with plates like titanium plates, ceramic one or the keratin smooth one. These smooth plates result in less heat exposure minimizing friction, providing a smooth glide, emits far-infrared heat helps to eliminate frizz, which is all friendly to hair. These plates also help in even heat distribution, get heat up way faster as compared to others, and have an ionic charge for a better experience. This is an important factor before buying a hair straightener so that you can get the right thing. All the details about these plates are already mentioned in the above-given list of top hair straighteners in India 2023.

Width of the plates also plays an important role in straightening your hair as everyone has a different length and type of hair. Having wide plates helps you to straighten more amount of hair which results faster than others.


Some of us have different hair type like some has oily hair some has dry and many other types. Before buying a hair straightener you should consider how much heat can your hair take. Because some of these hair straighteners have a fixed temperature while in others you can adjust with a temperature control technology. Some of them work between 130-230 °C, some 190-210 °C or some with just a single set. All of these comes under different price range.


Weight is also an important factor that you should consider before buying a hair straightener. When you purchase a heavy weighing hair straightener, it will be a bit uncomfortable for you to use for a longer period of time. So when purchasing a regular-use hair straightener you should look for a lightweight hair straightener as it’s easy to handle and use.


This is also an important factor as time matters. Like some hair straighteners take more time to heat up. But some straighteners take less time of about 45 seconds or 60 seconds. So that you can style your hair in no time.

With the help of some technologies which is already inbuilt in some straighteners like heat balance technology which spreads heat uniformly throughout the hair straighteners, or when the straighteners are overheated it automatically turns off to prevent it from getting damaged or from any other harm.


Generally, hair straighteners come in these two options cordless or corded. The cordless has a limited runtime because it gets discharged but the corded one doesn’t have any limited runtime, you can use as long as the electricity is supplied. And also in the cordless one, you don’t have to deal with the wire as you can use it wirelessly. Some are made of such materials with the help of which you wires can’t be tangled up. And the rest of the features about the cord length and cord type are already mentioned in the above list.

From all of these important factors, you can choose your kind of hair straighteners which best suits you, save your time, saves money, and provides you with the best results and with less damage.

I hope you like this article and it will be useful for choosing the best hair straighteners from the above list. Share it with your friend and relatives and if you have any suggestion then feel free to mention in the comment box below. 

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