5 Best Hair Curlers in India

For centuries women used to curl their hair by wrapping it around a round tool or some kind of roller. This process took almost forever to curl the hair. Then their electric curler is a lot more compatible and a lot less time-consuming. The heating system made a wide gap between the two. The electric hair curler offers convenience and ease of usage.

First of all, we need to understand how hair curlers work? The curler is built with a round roller that is usually made of plastic. To generate heat an electric resistor is positioned inside the roller. And the rest is science applied in it which we do not have to go through. 

Curling your hair has now become easier and faster. You can get your hair as beautiful and elegant as exactly as you wish all by yourself. It was all back then when people had to get to the salon to get their hair curled. Nowadays you don’t have to worry at all, you can bring home the best hair curlers in India and get your hair done within a couple of minutes. These products have brought your salon to your doorstep.

These hair curlers are very simple and easy to operate. The devices are provided with tons of safety features. Any many other features which you will get used to in not much time.

Are you looking for the best hair curlers in India? So, don’t you worry you are in the right place. The list comprises the best hair curling products which you can look forward to.

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Max. Temperature

Havells HC4031 Chopstick Hair Curler


VEGA Ease Curl Hair Curler


VEGA Smooth Curl Hair Curler


Philips BHB862 Hair Curler


Syska HC700 SalonFinish Hair Curler


List of Best Hair Curlers

1. Havells HC4031 Chopstick Hair Curler

Coming up with brands, Havells is one of India’s top and most trusted brands, and here we came with one of the products which we usually use in our daily routine. 

Havells HC4031 hair curler gives you a unique and amazing look to your hair. It has a barrel for tight and corkscrew curls that ensure safety while you curl your hair. 

The barrel has a DIP made of heat insulating material that protects your finger. It has a safety stand built-in to protect the surface. 

The temperature at 190 degree Celsius gives an optimal result and have a fast heat up in less than 60 seconds with PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heaters. The red light LED display turns on when plugged into the power socket. The connected wire with it is a swivel cord that rotates 360 degrees to prevent tangling and twisting of the wire.

Best Features:

  • Ceramic coated plates and cool insulated tip.
  • Fast heat up 60 seconds.
  • Power consumption: – 25W.
  • Maximum temperature of 190 degrees Celsius.
  • Fast heat up in just 60 seconds
  • The long power cord of 1.8m; Swivel cord:360 degree; Safety: Cool tip; LED display indicator.
  • 2 years of guarantee.
  • Easy to use
  • Box contains a chopstick curler, styling guide, and a user manual
  • Light in weight

2. VEGA Ease Curl Hair Curler-25 mm (VHCH-02)

Hair curlers are used by every woman at home and also in a salon so here we come up with the new hair curler Vega VHCH -02 Easy Curl Hair Curler. This hair curler is very easy and hassles free to use without any difficulties. With a chrome-plated and a 25mm barrel diameter to wrap your hair around it and a ceramic-coated clamp is there to hold your hair at that barrel which gives excellent results to your hair.

It has the efficiency to heat up within 60 seconds and maximum heating power of 200 degrees Celsius. Giving you a safety stand on the handle of the hair curler not getting contact with the surface. Like others it also has a red LED display on the handle to ensure that it is switched on.

The swivel cord makes it easier for you to get perfection. The 360-degree swivel cord rotates suitably preventing it from getting tangled. The cool tip which comes with the hair curler helps you to hold the curler without hurting yourself.

Best Features:

  • Ceramic coated and chrome plated clamp and a 25mm barrel diameter and 125mm barrel length with cool insulated tip.
  • Light indicator and on /off switch on the handle.
  • Fast heat within 60 seconds. 
  • Maximum temperature: – 200 degree Celsius 
  • Power consumption: – 45W
  • Swivel cord and long wire of 1.8 m.
  • Cool tip
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty. 
  • Light in weight for easy handling.

3. VEGA Smooth Curl Hair Curler-22 mm (VHCH-04)

Vega is one of the leading brands for beauty products in India. It provides beauty tools from head to toe. Most of its products are home use products that help those who want to save time and money.

With the Vega long Curl hair curler, you can do up your hair and get a glossy, smooth, and gorgeous look without damaging your hair. Along with 22 mm barrel diameter and 210 mm barrel length, the curler has plates with ceramic coating. With the ceramic coating, you get bouncy, shiny, and frizz-free hair.

Hassle-free and very convenient to use. Because of the long barrel, it is ideal for fast curling by just wrapping longer segments of your hair around it and get it done in no time. The curler is also built with a clamp to hold hair and style as you desire. The LCD displays the temperature, with the help of you can easily regulate the temperature from 80 degrees C to 230 degrees C as per the kind of your hair.

The hair curler also has a safety stand which helps to place the curler without getting contact with the surface during intervals while usage. The cool tip which comes with the hair curler helps you to hold the curler without hurting yourself. The swivel cord makes it easier for you to get to perfection. The 360-degree swivel cord rotates suitably preventing it from getting tangled.

Best Features:

  • Ceramic coated chrome plates
  • On and off switch
  • 210m long barrel and 22mm barrel diameter
  • Adjustable temperature from 80 degrees C to 230 degrees C
  • A safety stand and a rubber handle
  • Cool tip
  • LCD temperature display
  • 360-degree swivel cord for a tangle-free experience.

4. Philips BHB862 Hair Curler (Black/White)

This Philips hair curler is one of the best Hair Curlers as it is one of the most pocket friendly and a great working product you can have. You get a beautiful curl to your hair and even prevent your hair from damages as it has a ceramic coating.

Now it has been easier to get beautiful curls. You can achieve your desired look by simply wrapping and styling your hair with this Philips hair curler. The barrel is coated with ceramic which helps in adding a shine and gloss to your hair, making it bouncy and glamorous. With the given barren dimension of 16 mm it is even easier to get your desired young and glamorous look.

The Philips hair curler has a LED light which indicates that the curler is ready to use by turning down the blinking of the light. The long 1.8m cord gives more space and convenient to use around.

The ceramic coating around the barrel provides even heat distribution around and prevents your hair from damages, further giving you soft and shiny hair. The other end of the curler is made of a special heat insulating material so that you can safely style your hair by holding it for ideal ease of use. The swivel cord rotates the cord through without tangling the wire.

The curler gets ready to use in just 60 seconds with its fast heat up time. So, you no longer have to wait for your curler to get heat up. With the 200 degrees C heat temperature it assures the finest result while minimizing the damage.

Best Features:

  • Extra safe and extra gentle with the protective ceramic coating.
  • The hair curler has a barrel diameter of 1.6 cm
  • LED light indicator(blinking)
  • The cool tip end for safer and easier use.
  • Swivel cord for tangle-free cable.
  • Power required 110- 220 V
  • Ready to use in just 60 seconds with the fast heat-up technology.
  • Light in weight
  • Top temperature 200 degrees C
  • 2 years warranty

5. Syska HC700 SalonFinish Hair Curler

This Syska hair curler is the last in our list of best hair curlers in India but not the least one. As there are many more products you can get from the market, but our list of best hair curler has some selected devices for fulfilling your need.

Syska offers a wide range of international quality products for various purposes. Syska has created advanced and user-friendly personal care products that fulfil every need for men and women. From trimmers to hair curlers and straighteners it has created almost every product for every grooming needs.

To get a gorgeous and bouncy curls the Syska SalonFinish hair in an exciting addition to your styling products. The ceramic coated tong helps in resisting high temperatures which help in minimizing hair damages. Tong with a 19mm diameter for bouncy curls. A clamp is attached to it for holding your hair while you curl.

With the help of a safety stand, you can place your curler anywhere with no contact to the surface when not in use. Cool tip for holding and controlling the hair curler without any worries prevent you from getting hurt. With the 360degree swivel cord enjoy a tangle-free experience while curling your hair. To improve your hair curling the curler heats up rapidly in just 30 seconds. For easy usage, the curler is provided with a long 1.8 m cord.

Best Features:

  • Ceramic coated tong for resisting high temperature.
  • Clamp for holding the hair.
  • 360-degree swivel cord for tangle-free usage.
  • Cool tip
  • Maximum temperature up to 200 degrees C.     
  • LED power indicator
  • 19 mm diameter of tong
  • Box contains a hair curler, warranty card, and a user manual
  • Light in weight
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Buyers guide for Hair Curlers

If you are still not convinced about the list of best hair curlers in India on how to choose the perfect hair curler then we are still here to clear that little doubt you are having. How to choose the perfect hair curler which will fulfil your need? Well, there are some important factors you must consider before buying the best hair curler.

Heat settings

Heat is one of the important factors in hair curler. The hair curler should have a proper heat setting because thick hair can take higher temperatures whereas thin hair cannot withstand that, it may get damaged. The application of heat varies according to different hair types. So, you should go for a hair curler that has multiple heat settings.

Barrel material

The barrels are generally made of ceramic which is quite popular and also considered to be a safe option. But some professional hair curlers barrels are also made of titanium or gold whose prices touches the sky. The ceramic barrels heat up rapidly and curl your hair avoiding damages. It makes your hair soft and silky smooth. If you want your hair to be life long then you must go for a ceramic curling iron and it will even cost you less.


When it comes to safety it should always be your first priority and you should safeguard to buy a product that is safe to use. You should go for a hair curler which is automated as if in case you forgot to switch it off then it automatically gets turned off and prevent from a greater damage.


The barrels come in different sizes. Long barrels for long hair and for short hair shorter barrel will do the work for you. Getting hair curler according to the length of your hair will be a good idea as it will save you from a lot of troubles.

Cord length

The length of the cord is also an important factor. With a lengthy cord, it will provide you with more room to work. It will be easy to use and handle when there is a long cord. For a tangle-free experience go for the swivel cord.

If you have any queries or have a question feel free to leave a comment below.

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