Best Home Theatres under 5000

Everybody knows what’s going on in the country, and most people don’t wanna go to crowded places like malls, or movie theatres, and all. Watching a movie is not a big deal but the main problem is it feels like you are in a theatre. But don’t you worry, the entertainment experience can be enhanced by having a superb home theatre system. Imagine sound flowing one by one over and around you, each frequency shining brightly above and in perfect harmony with the others. In general, home theatre systems are made up of numerous components that work together to provide the greatest experience possible.

Home theatres are an example of a technology that can provide you with a wonderful music experience. It can make you feel like you’re at a movie theatre. Home theatres are available in a wide range of price points. But we made a list of the best home theatres under 5000 Rs. There are a lot of options available in the market but we made the list with some of the best products.

Home Theatre System

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Audio channels

Philips SPA4040B/94


Philips SPA8140B/94


Zebronics BT6860RUCF


Infinity Hardrock 210 


F&D F550X 56W 


Best Home Theater System under 5000

1. Philips SPA4040B/94

How can anyone say no to Phillips, as it is the most trusted brand in the market and on which we can rely. It offers a variety of products with the best build quality, durability, as well as affordability. The Philips SPA4040B is a five-channel speaker system that costs roughly 5000 rupees. It includes a dedicated subwoofer that amplifies the bass and provides an unrivaled audio experience.

In this home theatre system, there are a total of 5 satellite speakers. They all have a high-quality, deep sound that will transport you to a movie theatre in your home room. It would feel odd at first to watch movies and television shows with such incredible audio clarity. You can play audio on it with SD cards and USB pen drives in addition to Bluetooth. As a result, connecting it to your television is not mandatory. They can also be used as speakers at parties. Phillips will provide you with one of the best home theatre systems under 5000.

This home theatre has you covered if you are an old soul who enjoys listening to FM from time to time. Its built-in FM radio works well, and the connection is completely safe. The Philips SPA4040B also has a remote control that is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and comes with a one-year warranty, among other things.

Best Features 

  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Immersive sound experience with rich bass
  • USB and SD card slots 
  • FM radio
  • Bass boost technology with level control
  • High-quality speakers
  • Compact design
  • 1 year of warranty

2. Philips SPA8140B/94

When it comes to buying a home theatre in India, Philips is one of the best companies to go with. They offer a wide range of products, from budget to high-end and premium. And this one is a fantastic budget home theatre that can be purchased. The device is designed in a simple and minimalistic manner. This isn’t an area in which the Philips device excels. The style of this home theatre is all black with a tinge of orange. In terms of durability, Philips is a name you can trust, and this product is no exception.

This 4.1 Home theatre’s sound quality is simply incredible. When watching movies or TV shows on your television, you may listen to high-quality audio. Because of the robust 50W sound output, once all four satellite speakers are installed, they produce an immersive listening experience. The sound quality is not affected by increased volume levels. Having a home theatre can also be beneficial if you want to host a party at your residence. The bass quality is excellent, and you can adjust it with the subwoofers’ knob. You’ll get a terrific overall experience with balanced treble and clear mids and highs. The second one took place in our list of the best home theatres under 5000 is also a Phillips is not surprising.

Bluetooth, USB, SD Card, and, most importantly, AUX are among the device’s connectivity choices. The knob on the subwoofer can be used to modify the bass and volume. However, because there are no dedicated buttons on the speakers, you must use the remote control to control the Home theatre.

Best Features 

  • 4.1 Channel multimedia speaker system
  • Sensitivity 84 dB
  • Cable length 1.3 m
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Output power 50 Watt
  • Robust and durable
  • Connectivity Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and SD card
  • Remote control included

3. Zebronics BT6860RUCF

Zebronics, a Multimedia Speakers and IT Peripherals manufacturer based in India was founded in 1997. This Zebronics home theatre speaker is one of the greatest mid-range speakers available on the market. The device’s build quality has been ensured by Zebronics. Even if it isn’t the most attractive design, the Home theatre’s minimalism appeals to many people.

This home theatre is extremely long-lasting and suitable for long-term use. The subwoofers and satellite speakers add another 4.1 kg to the device’s weight. With simple controls such as a dial and a button on the front, controlling your music is a breeze. You can verify the current function and volume levels using the bright LED. You’ll also receive a responsive remote control, allowing you to rest on your couch. That’s the reason why belong in the list of the best home theatres under 5000.

The Zebronics BT6860RUCF is a sleek 5.1 multimedia Home theatre with a total output power (RMS) of 70 watts, including a 40-watt subwoofer and five 6-watt satellite speakers. The sound quality is superb when these speakers are used together. You may enjoy a surround sound experience by orienting the speakers in the proper direction and location. The sound quality is unaffected even at increased volumes, and there are no noticeable distortions. Fully functional with FM and connectivity through Bluetooth, SD card, USB, and AUX.

Best Features 

  • 5.1 multimedia speaker
  • LED display
  • Remote controlled system
  • Bluetooth, SD card, USB, AUX, FM connectivity
  • Total output power (RMS) 70W
  • Frequency range 35Hz – 20kHz
  • 1 year of warranty

4. Infinity Hardrock 210 

JBL’s sub-brand Infinity is established in the United States. They were the first to manufacture audio equipment, such as loudspeakers and headphones. Hardrock 210 is a fantastic performer that the majority of customers adore. This Infinity Home theatre looks nothing like a regular home theatre. It includes a huge, powerful subwoofer as well as two satellite speakers. Despite the fact that the device appears to be substantial, it only weighs about 1 kg. They lack a display panel and control buttons, making the device’s user experience a little harsh.

With a 100W output, this home theatre can deliver high-quality sound to every part of your space. You cannot expect much from a surround sound speaker because it is a 2.1 Audio channel speaker, but these are ideal for parties. The subwoofer’s super-sized oak cabinet produces high-quality bass that will make your house shake.

You can manage your music straight from your smartphone, in addition to wireless Bluetooth streaming. You can also play music through the speakers using the AUX and USB connections.

Best Features 

  • Output power 100 Watt
  • Deep bass
  • IR multifunction remote
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • Wooden Cabinet Sub-woofer
  • RCA to AUX connectivity
  • 3 different modes Movies, Music & Gaming
  • Eco-mode

5. F&D F550X 56W 

F&D, often known as Fenda Audio, is an audio equipment and component business that was founded in 2005. F&D Company constantly provides a low-cost, high-quality product, and the F&D F550X 2.1 Home theatre Speaker is the best 2.1 speaker under 5000 rupees. This is an all-in-one home theatre that meets all of your basic needs while providing superior sound and bass. This is yet another product designed specifically for bass fans. However, this product is designed in such a way that you will enjoy it even if you dislike bass. You may now listen to crystal clear audio and raise your music experience to new heights.

To feel the tremendous bass, F&D used a wooden box for its speaker and woofer. Its matte-finish, all-black frame is stunning. It also comes with a one-of-a-kind X-shaped aluminium grille with LED lighting. In my best 2.1 home theatre with Bluetooth post, I chose this product as the runner-up.

The sound produced by the F&d f550x 2.1 speaker is sharp and clear. The bass from the subwoofer is fantastic. The bass’s strength is palpable. F&D All of the background instruments, as well as the vocals, were kept in proper balance. NFC technology is supported by this home theatre. The AUX connection has a lot higher volume than the Bluetooth connection, although only slightly. We are ending our list with this product but still, it is one of the best home theatres under 5000 in India.

Best Features 

  • 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker
  • Elegant Exterior with Progressive Square Design
  • Rust-Proof Metal Grill
  • High-Density MDF Subwoofer
  • Multi-Color Decorative LED
  • Remote Controlled up to 10 m
  • Support NFC, Touch, and Connect

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Buyer’s Guide

Few of you might still be having doubts about what kind of device we should get. Well, it depends upon what kind of tracks you like listening to. Or you can go through some of the factors below which will help you to understand even more.


Although power (measured in Watts) is a useful indicator of how loud a set of speakers or an amplifier can go, it is not the sole consideration. Because amplifiers/receivers are responsible for driving power to the speakers, the resistance and sensitivity of speakers and amplifiers should be addressed. As a result, if a speaker is given more power than it can manage, more heat is generated, which not only distorts the music but also risks harming the speaker.


The number of audio channels your receiver can play is referred to as channels, and they can be set in various configurations such as 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.2, and so on. In essence, the first number refers to the number of speakers that can be connected to your system, while the second number refers to the number of subwoofers that may be attached.


The more devices you can connect the more option you will get to play the music. Connectivity options such as USB, AUX, Bluetooth, SD card, and all.


The most important role played by in a home theatre system is speakers. There is a low-frequency subwoofer, as well as satellite speakers for the front, middle, and rear channel speakers. With the help of all, you will experience it like you are sitting in a movie theatre.

Thank you for going through our work. If someone in your friend’s circle or your relatives are looking for a home theatre in this range, please share it with them. If you have any suggestions or some kind of queries to ask, feel free to drop it in the comment section.

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