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Givson Venus Acoustic Guitar

41 Inch

Juarez Acoustic Guitar

38 Inch

Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit 

38 Inch

Juarez Acoustic Guitar Kit

38 Inch

Giuson Venus Black Acoustic Guitar

41 Inch

Juarez Acoustic Guitar Kit, 38 Inch Cutaway

38 Inch

Best Acoustic Guitar under 5000 Rupees: Who doesn’t love music, either listening to or creating one? And for creating it you need a musical instrument. There is an uncountable number of instruments and one of them is an acoustic guitar. And for those who don’t know how to select the one you have come to the right place. Many people advise starting with an acoustic guitar. You’ll be able to start playing straight away without any additional equipment, whereas electric instruments require additional equipment such as amplifiers. Many instructors believe you will be more focused on making good sounds as a result of this. The majority of major guitar brands sell beginning kits that include everything you’ll need to get started. These are a good choice if you just want to get started playing right away.

Everyone who enjoys music wishes to learn one or more musical instruments. Learning any instrument, whether it’s the piano, drums, violin, or guitar, is a pleasurable experience. In less than six months, spending a little time practicing and learning new songs can make you better at each time. The nicest sensation is without a doubt being able to play any musical instruments and sing along. If you’ve never played the guitar before, the first thing that springs to mind is buying one. You may buy a guitar for a variety of prices and consider aspects such as material, fret count, weight, size, and more. For a first-time guitarist, considering all of these factors may be usual.

The sound and pick-up-related aspects of a premium and budget guitar are the most significant differences. The list of the best acoustic guitar under 5000 will help you to make your final decision.

List of Best Acoustic Guitar Under 5000 Rupees

1. Givson Venus Acoustic Guitar

This brand creates symphonic devices in the interest of particular music fans and invites music into your life, generating iconic music since its sound has the ability to instantaneously touch souls. We feel that music is a wonderful instrument for relaxing and soothing your mind, and we promote expressing genuine emotion through it. This Semi-Electric Guitar allows you to benefit from the incredible health advantages linked with music therapy, including enhanced memory power. By learning chords and patterns, which give your brain a good exercise, concentration becomes a habit for your mind, which will help you concentrate better on other daily tasks as well.

You may consider purchasing a guitar so that you can continue to practice in your leisure time or even while travelling. The case protects your guitar from scratches and bumps during transportation. Accessories are kept in pockets. Tuners, picks, strings, cables, capos, and other little items are included. Adjustable backpack straps and a handle loop allow you to carry it by hand or wear it on your shoulders, depending on your preference. Beginners and children learning to play the guitar will like this book. This one is the best acoustic guitar under 5000 you can get.

High stability; when changing strings and pitch, it will not cause the bridge to become misaligned, and the strings will not fall out of the slot when the music is played energetically. Infinity R pickups are preferred by many professional guitarists because they provide warm, balanced articulation and excellent response for a wide range of music genres. The Art-St Bridge provides tuning stability and easy access to higher notes.

Unique Features

  • Protective guitar case
  • Standard full size
  • Tuneomatic bridge
  • Tuning head
  • Venus Special 6 Strings

2. Juarez Acoustic Guitar

The top is made of a durable material with beautiful curves to ensure comfort while playing. This solid wood offers a rich, smooth tone that’s perfect for rock, folk, country, and everything in between. It also has a cutaway for comfortable holding and handling when playing. The Juarez acoustic guitar, with its 18 frets, is an excellent alternative for beginners who want to advance their guitar skills. Impress your friends and family by playing your favorite tunes on this guitar, which produces a highly accurate and appealing tone.

The low action strings function decreases hand fatigue and is gentle on the fingers, making it excellent for beginners and strengthening hand muscles. Smooth tuning pegs, also known as machine heads or tuners, are essential to the quality of a guitar. Our tuning pegs are smooth and simple to manipulate, allowing you to maintain your guitar in tune. The brand Juarez is the best Guitar under 5000 in India.

Unique Features

  • Black Glossy Finish
  • Number of Frets: 18
  • Acoustic Guitar with strap, Bag, Strings, and 2 Picks
  • Innovative design
  • Produce good quality sound
  • Size: 38 inches
  • Full Wood Construction
  • Geared tuning

3. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit 

Intern has a wide selection of musical instruments as well as essential accessories. The Intern Acoustic Guitar is a well-designed and well-made instrument that produces high-quality music. The guitar comes with everything you’ll need to get started right away. Its small size and acoustic tone make it an excellent choice for listening to music at any time and in any location. The cutaway design on the Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit (Red) allows simple access to higher frets. A spruce top and back and sides, as well as apathies on the back and sides, provide excellent tone and sound.

In terms of both utility and sound, the guitar bridge is a critical component. The bridge on this guitar is made of plastic, which is very fashionable right now. Ebony wood is used to make the fretboard, which gives a well-defined, crisp, and brilliant tone. It is an extremely solid, robust wood that is commonly found on Fender guitars. Best Acoustic Guitar under 5000, this is the one you can hope for.

Low action strings are gentle on the fingers and prevent hand fatigue, making them perfect for beginners and improving hand strength. Additional strings are offered for increased playing time! The many kinds of wood that go into making your guitar affect the overall tone. The fingerboard on this Intern guitar is made of Linden wood, which produces a resonant tone. Intern’s acoustic guitar comes with one strap, a backpack, six strings, and three picks. The case and belt simplify transportation, while the picks help provide a precise and incisive tone, and it’s ultra-portable.

Unique Features

  • Linden wood fingerboard with ebony wood fretboard
  • 38-inch cutaway design
  • Red burst glossy finish with 18 frets
  • 38-inch acoustic guitar with strap, bag, string set, and 3 picks
  • Full wood construction with geared tuning
  • Bridge material: Plastic

4. Juarez Acoustic Guitar Kit

When it comes to guitars, the goal is to deliver the finest possible experience for all performers. The company is always evolving and motivated to build new instruments that cater to a wide range of musical styles. Juarez’s goal is to supply high-quality musical kits at the lowest possible price. They are committed to selling the best musical instruments on the internet in order to assist you in making the best decision possible. Their Product is dedicated to delivering our customers the best possible service.

This solid wood top gives a rich and smooth tone that’s perfect for rock, folk, country, and everything in between! Cutaway for easier holding and handling while playing. Low action strings are gentle on the fingers and prevent hand fatigue, making them perfect for beginners and improving hand strength. Additional strings are offered for increased playing time! A good set of tuning pegs, also known as machine heads or tuners, is essential to the quality of a guitar. Our tuning pegs are smooth and simple to manipulate, allowing you to maintain your guitar in tune.

Unique Features

  • Solid wood-topped
  • 38-inch acoustic guitar
  • Two Guitar picks and additional strings
  • Shoulder strap
  • Nylon gig bag
  • Comfortable string heights
  • Linden binding
  • Full wood construction

5. Giuson Venus Black Acoustic Guitar

In terms of quality and tone, Giuson Acoustic guitars are unrivaled. All of our items are meticulously manufactured to ensure an unsurpassed level of quality and acoustic performance. The guitar is handcrafted in India by expert artisans. It has a rosewood fretboard, truss rod, and built-in pick-ups for connecting to an amplifier. Guison is one of the greatest guitars for beginning guitarists. It’s made in India, and the board is of good quality. Other necessary components are included in the bundle. This is the best Guitar under 5000 Rupees.

You might want to get a guitar so you can practice in your spare time or even while traveling. During transit, the case guards your instrument against scratches and bumps. Pockets are used to carry accessories. Tuners, picks, strings, cables, capos, and other small accessories are among the goods included. It may be carried by hand or worn on your shoulders, thanks to adjustable backpack straps and a handle loop. A six-string full-scale standard-size guitar that’s great for guitar classes, recitals, band rehearsals, on-stage performances, or just strumming at home. This is a great book for beginners and kids learning to play the guitar.

Unique Features

  • 41 Inch
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Acoustic Guitar With Bag, Strap,1 Set of Extra Strings, and 2 Picks

6. Juarez Acoustic Guitar Kit, 38 Inch Cutaway

On our list, we have yet another Juarez guitar. The guitar has a glossy finish and is blue. The upper end of the guitar is constructed of spruce wood, while the back and front are made of Linden wood, and the rosette is made of pearl. Linden wood is used to make JUAREZ’s acoustic guitar. Rosewood is used for the guitar’s bridge and fretboard. Because the top and back of the guitar are constructed of Linden wood, and the Rosette is made of pearls, it has a gloss surface. Linden wood is sturdy and lightweight, in case you didn’t know. It has managed to maintain the guitar’s weight under 2kgs by employing the brand.

This acoustic guitar has six strings, all of which are composed of stainless steel. The Juarez guitar’s overall dimensions are 98 40 10cm, and the hand orientation is on the right side. The guitar has 18 frets, and the manufacturer sells it with the majority of the accessories that a guitar needs. This device also comes with a six-month warranty. JUAREZ is a brand that sells high-quality musical instruments and accessories at a reasonable price, so if you want to channel your inner rock star, try purchasing a JUAREZ acoustic guitar.

The guitar’s hand orientation is right-hand side, and it weighs only 2kg 300 grams. The manufacturer also includes a guitar storage case, truss winch, picks, strap, and additional strings with the guitar. Juarez, as a business, believes that music is a universal language that allows us to transmit feelings, and they want to make this language of harmony available to anyone at a reasonable cost.

Unique Features

  • Solid wood-topped
  • Comfortable string height
  • Smooth tuning pegs
  • 38-inch acoustic guitar
  • Fingerboard: Linden wood
  • Acoustic Guitar with strap, Bag, Strings, and 2 Picks
  • Nylon bad
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Buyer’s guide for Acoustic Guitar

There are a lot of guitars to pick from these days, but finding the correct one for you is easier than you would think. It can even be as easy as learning the fundamentals of the instrument and determining which sort of guitar is most suited to the type of music you wish to perform.

Shapes and sizes 

Although acoustic guitars may appear to be the same at first glance, they come in a variety of sizes and forms, each with its own set of qualities that influence how the guitar looks, feels, and sounds.


The type of wood used to construct your guitar has a significant impact on its overall tone, and knowing the different varieties will make it much easier to select a guitar that you’ll enjoy playing. The tonewood used to create your guitar’s top is the most important factor to consider. The wood chosen for the top of your guitar will have the largest impact on the tone it produces, followed by the woods used for the back, sides, and neck of the guitar.


The sound quality of cheap and expensive acoustic guitars does vary but when you are starting to learn then you better get the one with less price. Spending so much on your first guitar might not be a good idea.


Accessories like picks, additional strings, straps, storage bags, and all are very much important just like the guitar itself. So these kinds of stuff must also be considered.

The list of the best Guitar under 5000 Rupees is enough to get all the information if you are a beginner. Thank you for going through the list. For any queries or any kind of suggestions feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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