Best Rucksacks under 2000

When it comes to trekking, a rucksack is one of the most essential pieces of equipment. When you go mountain trekking, it will be a vital piece of equipment that you must carry for hours. Before you purchase one, consider the comfort, capacity, size, and durability. Before purchasing a hiking backpack for yourself, you should spend some time researching and deciding which one is best for you. A rucksack is different from other backpacks as its capacity is quite larger than the other ones. And as per your need, you can select your size. It also has multiple compartments for different purposes. The straps are highly cushioned to provide you with better comfort. Trekking is not a thing that can be done in a short period, it takes time, and for a longer period carrying a heavy load might get difficult. That’s why a rucksack is filled with all kinds of necessities.

As the market is loaded with so many different styles and models, finding a convenient rucksack for your vacation needs and hiking is difficult. However, we feel that if people have enough information about the different types of backpacks, their characteristics, and how to use them, they can make the best decision possible. So to make your work a bit lighter we made a thorough list of the best rucksacks under 2000. When you’re out on the trail, you’ll need a sturdy hiking backpack or rucksack. You can use a hiking day pack or a large multi-day hiking backpack, depending on the length of your trip and your personal preferences.

5 Best Rucksacks under 2000 Rupees

1. Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Rucksack

Rucksacks made by Wildcraft are designed to assist you on extended journeys across tough terrains and circumstances. These rucksacks are ergonomically engineered to maximize comfort while minimizing pack weight. Longer treks and hikes in the wilderness necessitate a greater load, but Wildcraft backpacks can help you share the load. Packing for long adventure vacations and hiking expeditions necessitates a large number of supplies. With an upgraded back system, the bags are also quite comfortable for the bearer. They’re multifunctional and make outdoor trips and walks more enjoyable.

These bags are equipped with a variety of compartments that are strategically placed to aid in the packing and access of your outdoor necessities. Abrasion-resistant fabric and a high-tensile-strength fabric were used to create this product. Wildcraft rucksacks are built to resist the harsh conditions that the Indian subcontinent geography can throw at them, so bring one along on your next travel trek or longer hike. With the Wildcraft Rucksacks, go through the jungles of the South while simultaneously hiking through the severe Himalayan winters.

These backpacks are suitable for every terrain and climate, so order them online to ensure that you are prepared for your excursions and travels. The bags make it easier to transport your outdoor necessities. Wildcraft bags’ snug fit and extra capacity make them ideal for long hikes and other outdoor activities. It’s time to pack your bags and head out on your next Wildcraft adventure. Wildcraft rucksacks allow you to experience the true outdoors. The name itself is enough that’s why this is at the top of our list of the best rucksack under 2000 in India.

Best Features

  • Strengthened haul loop
  • The outer side is made of nylon
  • Drawstring opening
  • Water resistance
  • Lightweight and strong fabric
  • 45 liters capacity

2. TRAWOC 65L Travel Backpack

With the availability of this huge trekking backpack, one may make the most of their free time while on vacation. This smart backpack also includes a LAPTOP SLEEVE. You may now enjoy your adventure vacations without having to worry about your belongings. This massive hiking backpack has incredible endurance and is ideal for adventurers. This multi-purpose rucksack offers a variety of straps and pockets to help you organize your heavy travel gear. This trekking backpack bag is built with a highly durable material that allows it to withstand any weather conditions, including severe rains and blistering heat. It will not only protect the contents on the inside, but it will also protect itself from damages.

Keep your most essentials in this top zipper compartment so you don’t have to crawl through your entire rucksack to find them. These mesh thin pockets are flexible and may be used to hold small kinds of stuff such as water bottles, allowing you to take them out easily when trekking. S-shaped, thickly cushioned shoulder straps provide a great fit and carry comfort. This strap is safe to use because it evenly distributes the load, allowing you to carry it for longer periods.

The appearance of this large rucksack is sleek, current, and stylish. Without this incredible backpack, your hiking vacations and mountaineering adventures will be incomplete. The best rucksack for hiking you can hope for. This enormous bag appears sophisticated, sporty, and arrogant, and the color and design combination creates a stunning appearance. These bags are waterproof, so they can withstand heat, rain, and other harsh conditions.

Best Features

  • Inbuilt rain cover
  • Easy side access pocket
  • Convenient shoe compartment
  • Belt strap pocket
  • 65 liters of capacity
  • Breathable mesh shoulder strap
  • Padded laptop sleeve up to 17.5 inches
  • Enduring and long-lasting
  • Water resistance

3. POLESTAR Rocky Polyester Rucksack 

Pole Star’s ultra-light and durable backpack is comfortable and easy to carry, with a large capacity to fulfill the needs of both men and women. The wide, adjustable straps properly distribute the weight on your shoulders, allowing you a pleasant trekking experience. S-Curved Shoulder Straps and a padded back panel in a robust backpack with an ergonomic design can protect your backbone and ease shoulder stress.

Polyester fabric is used to make the rucksack, which ensures durability and strength. This polyester rucksack features various compartments and a large capacity of 60 liters, allowing you to arrange all of your hiking stuff. The broad adjustable cushioned straps on this designed rucksack properly disperse the weight on both shoulders.

This rucksack has a separate bottle pocket where you can safely store your bottle while trekking or hiking. For hiking, climbing, riding, and camping, this rucksack is an absolute must-have. This rucksack has plenty of little and large pockets to fit all of your hiking and vacation necessities.

Best Features

  • Adjustable and breathable padded shoulder strap
  • 60 liters of capacity
  • High-quality polyester fabric
  • Multiple small and large compartments
  • Separate bottle pocket
  • Ultra-light and ultra-durable

4. Fastrack 53.3 cms Rucksack 

FastTrack was founded in 1998, and in 2005 it became an independent urban youth brand. Since then, it has carved out a name for itself by producing attractive and cheap watches and sunglasses. FastTrack expanded its accessory line in 2009, including a variety of bags, belts, rucksacks, and wallets. The company has now earned the title of being the most popular young fashion brand in the country.

FastTrack’s lightweight and robust Pro Trek Rucksacks let you experience the thrill of the chase! With 45 litres of capacity, this rucksack can easily fit all of your trekking essentials and more! The pro trek 45 is built to withstand all types of terrains and will accompany you on all of your adventures, especially the one where you’ll hide from your significant other!

For added durability, the pro trek 45 is made of polyester ciaz 420 d on the outside. While trekking, the Rucksack has a sternum strap to relieve pressure on your shoulders. The hood of the Rucksack incorporates a drawstring for securing big items such as sleeping bags or tents. If you prefer to combine work and play, the Rucksack contains a laptop sleeve that can fit up to a 17″ laptop. Your rucksacks will keep dry even if it rains thanks to the water-resistant fabric.

Best Features

  • Tear resistance
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Water resistance
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Air mesh cushion and straps
  • 45 liters of capacity
  • Sternum strap

5. Gleam Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack 

This Gleam mountain rucksack has a lot of great features that will make your life easier on the road. Its huge 75-litre capacity is separated into multiple compartments to keep your items organized. The bottom shoe compartment is ideal for separating worn boots and garments. It also includes a rain cover to keep it dry in bad weather, as well as a strong frame and padded shoulder straps for further support. This large 75-litre backpack can be expanded to hold even more items. The sack’s expanding function adds to its already ample capacity for more effectively storing and managing your items while travelling.

This bag has several compartments that are deliberately positioned to contribute to its functionality. The hood’s external and internal pockets make it easy to reach those items that you might require more frequently. This rucksack is meant to face the weather and is built for difficult terrain. This backpack includes a rain cover that can be put in a separate zippered compartment at the bottom of the bag to protect your things from unexpected rainfall.

This backpack is designed to give you more support while you’re out on the open road. To keep the pack firmly on your back, the waist belt can be clasped. The belt is also adjustable, so you can achieve the perfect fit. Not only can it withstand a sudden rainfall, but it’s also designed to withstand light exposure to the outdoors, which extends its life. This one is to be chosen when you want the best rucksack for travelling.

Best Features

  • Bottom shoe compartment
  • Comes with a rain cover in the bottom zip.
  • 75 liters of capacity
  • Spacious, lightweight, and durable
  • Durable and Weather-resistant.
  • Expandable sack
  • Zippered pocket
  • Adjustable waist belt

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Rucksacks Buyer’s guide

This list of the best rucksacks under 2000 carries every detail. But there are some important factors that must be considered before buying it. 


The backpack’s capacity is measured in litres. The rucksack’s capacity is an important consideration while purchasing one. If you enjoy camping or weekend getaways, a small rucksack with a capacity of fewer than 50 litres will be ideal for you. If you plan to spend more than a week away from home, you should go for a larger bag, preferably one with a capacity of 55 to 70 litres. Rucksacks larger than 70 litres are only suitable if you enjoy taking long travels or switching countries frequently.


When choosing a rucksack, the most important factor to consider is comfort. That’s because if you don’t get the one with the most warmth, you can be upset, and in the worst-case scenario, you might get hurt. The design, particularly the form and shoulder straps, as well as the back, contribute greatly to the comfort. The backpack’s weight is evenly distributed by the bags with supporting covered panel straps.


Various pockets and compartments are available depending on the brand and type of the pack. If a rucksack is meant for commuters, it may have a padded laptop sleeve. Lid pockets, side pockets, and other features may be available on large rucksacks.


With a nice backpack, proper straps can make all the difference. Before you buy, be sure to check how wide the strap is because a wider strap reduces shoulder strain. As a result, even if you’re high, you won’t feel the weight.


When travelling in the mountains, there is a chance of rain and snow, and the weather can change in a matter of seconds, soaking your backpacks. As a result, your backpack should be semi-waterproof, if not completely waterproof. If you don’t have a waterproof bag, you can bring a rain cover with you.

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