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Clothes that are nice, clean, and smooth look the finest. Regardless of the sort of clothing you prefer, the degree of smoothness and neatness with which your garments are presented is beneficial in enhancing your personality. A fabric shaver is the greatest option for keeping your garments in perfect condition. Fabric shavers come in both manual and electric versions. It eliminates fluff, lint, and pills from the fabric’s surface without harming it. It gives the fabric a fresh, and tidy look.

But first, we need to know how a fabric shaver works. A fabric shaver is a type of shaver that is used to shave clothing and other items. It has a revolving blade that rotates at high speeds and is passed over the surface material to eliminate minute flaws like fuzz and bobble that collect with time, just like a typical shaver. And the next question that arises is what to get. It becomes difficult to choose from so many brands and types of shaver available in the market. Don’t worry about that because we made a list of the best fabric shaver in India which comprises everything you need to know before buying a fabric shaver.

1. Genteel Lint Fabric Shaver Remover

Genteel’s lint remover will help you restore your old garments and materials. Lint, balls, pills, and bubbles are easily removed from your materials with this corded lint remover. It’s incredibly quick and simple to use! All you have to do is plug the device in and gently run it over the cloth you want to clean to make it appear new again. The stainless steel head is made up of large and small honeycomb holes that are specifically intended for rapidly and smoothly extracting various sized balls. It also keeps your hands safe by preventing them from getting into contact with the moving blades.

No more squandered batteries! This corded lint remover comes with a plug and works on electricity, unlike some battery-operated lint removers that fail to provide an uninterrupted source of power to remove lint and balls. You can now efficiently repair your garments without having to worry about low power or battery replacement. Simply put this lint remover into your USB charger and have fun! Turn on the device and run the shaving head over the clothing’s surface. All of the fluff, lint, and pills are sucked into the holes created by the rotating blade, which are then thrown in the lint chamber, keeping your garments clean. The big shaving head speeds up the process.

The best fabric shaver which is totally risk-free. Shockproof satisfaction and includes an additional blade to extend the product’s life. For effortless cleaning, this lint remover includes a portable grater and a specifically designed brush. Thin garments and some textiles, such as silk, lace, and embroidered apparel, are not compatible with this lint remover. Do not shave clothing ornamentation with the shaver head.

Best Features

  • Quick and efficient
  • Corded shaver
  • Smart and ergonomic design
  • Dual protection
  • Strong suction
  • Suitable for various fabrics
  • Big fan

2. SAIELLIN Corded Lint Cutter

The holes get bigger as you move from the center to the edges, and the shell is arched. This is a nice design for a shaver that can remove both large and small lint balls at the same time while avoiding clothing harm when small lint balls pass through the large holes. When the fuzz remover is working, the blades inside float up and down. Smartly adjust your push power and make sure the lint balls are in the right place to go through the shell holes.

Portable clothes lint cutter and bubble remover with a strong motor for high-speed operation. The pilling remover for clothes has an ergonomic design with an easy-grip handle that provides a comfortable experience for consumers. This corded fabric remover shaver is convenient to use at any time and in any location. It also comes with a detachable collection container that can be cleaned easily. The best fabric lint remover you can get.

For effective removal, the blade rotates at up to 7700 rounds per minute and comes with a cleaning brush. Fabric fluff, fuzz, bobbles, pills, burr, or roe can be easily removed from all sorts of woolen and cotton clothes and materials. It’s a machine that removes rues. Small and portable, the fabric shaver fuzz remover is an ideal garment care product. Also, when the blade direction shifts up and down, according to the size of the lint, an enhanced floating blade can effectively shave lint and a burr remover protects your clothing.

Best Features

  • Rotary three blades
  • Durable plate net
  • Fast rechargeable
  • Easy-open dust box
  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Strong suction

3. Pick Ur Needs Electric Fabric Shaver

With the fabric shaver, you can keep all of your clothes and fabrics looking new. It safely eliminates pills and fuzz foam from all fabrics and has a distance control that can be adjusted to suit different fabric surfaces. This lint remover from Shop To Shop can help you restore your old garments and materials. This corded lint remover makes it simple to get rid of lint, balls, pills, and bubbles from your materials. It’s extremely quick and simple to use! To make your fabrics look clean and new again, simply plug in the device and gently run it over them.

SuperLint electric shaver with a light belt and stainless steel rotating blades, as well as a DC 5V USB charging cable. Wool & cable sweaters, scarves, cotton, lycra, linen, blankets, bedsheets, comforters, duvets, couches, chairs, cushions, curtains, draperies, and sofas all benefit from this pill remover. The powerful 8500 rpm engine lets you clear up pilling on the fabric faster during use, saving you time.

It’s small enough to fit in a drawer, luggage, or closet. It’s safe to use and has a wide range of applications. When the blade cover is opened or loosens, the safety insurance switch will turn off the power to safeguard you and your children from harm. No need to worry about low power with a plug-in lint remover because it provides consistent and constant strong electricity to work. With this plug-in lint shaver, you can conserve more batteries.

Best Features

  • High-frequency motor
  • Portable lint remover
  • Durable plate net
  • Plugin lint remover
  • Fast rechargeable
  • Stainless steel protective cover

4. HealthSense New-Feel LR 350

With the HealthSense LR 350 New-Feel Rechargeable Lint Remover, a multifunctional and effective rechargeable lint remover shaver, you can save and renew your pricey clothing, bedding, linens, furniture, and drapes. This compact defuzzer device effortlessly removes extra loops or threads from sweaters, winter coats, scarves, and more! Extremely well-crafted, ergonomically designed with honey-comb mesh cover and ultra-sharp 6-leaf blades made of stainless steel that will never rust or distort and will undoubtedly survive for many years.

With a 6-hour charge, the USB rechargeable long-lasting battery can last 60 minutes. Its tiny size and portability make it an ideal portable for daily use at home and when traveling. Premium ABS material, SS mesh cover, and razor-sharp blades are used to create this product. Advanced technology and a powerful suction motor lint-free any cloth. Lint, pills, bubbles, and fluff of all sizes are removed by three stainless steel floating blades! The use of a large storage container is made easier.

HealthSense is an Indian brand that aims to deliver high-quality, creative items to the market. This product has been designed and conceptualized specifically for Indians, and it is manufactured by exclusive outside partners. HealthSense, a well-known brand in the health and personal care industry, is expanding its product line to include weighing scales, blood pressure monitors, massagers, nebulizers, and other items.

Best Features

  • Cordless use
  • Swift and ergonomic design
  • 60 minutes usage with 6 hours of charge
  • USB charging cable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dual protection
  • Smart suction

5. Iwon Lint Remover for Woolen Clothes

With the IWON Portable Lint Remover, all of your garments and fabrics will appear brand new! The safety lock protects your hands and fingers from the blades, allowing you to shave your clothes with ease and without anxiety. It’s a snap to empty and clean the removable collection container. That’s why this made in our list of the best fabric shaver in India

With a stainless steel blade and a high-quality motor, this quick-pruning pilling for the sofa achieves a 9000 rotation/minute. Simultaneously, it maintains its vigor for an extended period of time, and it does not diminish or obstruct. It can efficiently filter large-sized hairballs and trim 1-3 coats at a time, keeping the air fresh and clean. Clogging is avoided with the large cotton container entrance. The supplied elbow brush can easily clean the dead end.

The expanded blade surface covers a larger area, allowing you to finish the job faster and with less effort. It also accommodates a wide range of fabric and bobble sizes. To eliminate all the undesirable surplus, simply turn on the switch and softly skim it across the fabric in a circular motion. The surplus tray pulls out to be emptied once the fabric has been restored to its original state. The increased blade surface covers a wider area, allowing you to do the job faster and more easily.

Best Features

  • Honeycomb plate
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable wire protection
  • Lint remover
  • Quick and efficient
  • Easy to clean and use

6. House of Quirk Fabric Shaver

Ideal for removing lint and bobbles from a wide range of fabrics without harming them. Wool, linens, cotton, and many sorts of clothing are among the items available. The operation is completed swiftly with the large honeycomb stainless steel net. Easily and effectively removes bothersome fuzz and fabric pills without causing damage to your garments. This is one of the best fabric pill remover. It is incredibly simple and comfortable to use and carries a USB quick charge device. Extra-large cutting head with great suction gathers all undesirable lint into the container.

Sharpness is a feature of the lint shaver head. However, if the blade cover is open or loose, the remover will automatically come to a halt. Prevents children from inadvertently injuring themselves. The use of a lint shaver is quite risky. It’s small and light, so you can keep your clothes in great shape at home or on the go. Anti-slip switch and power cord The operation is completed swiftly with the large honeycomb stainless steel net. Easily and effectively removes bothersome fuzz and fabric pills without causing damage to your garments.

Best Features

  • Honeycomb Foil Shaver Net
  • Powerful Motor
  • High-Performance Battery
  • Whirlwind Steel Cutting Head
  • Safe Reliable
  • Quick and Efficient

Buyer’s Guide for Fabric Shaver

Some important features below will help you to make a choice if you haven’t already yet.


Fabric shavers are deemed useful and excellent because of their streamlined form. The design makes it simple to remove fluff, lint, and pilling without damaging the clothes. The fabric shaver is lightweight and composed of plastic, making it easier to transport while traveling. Its unique design makes it simple to use and avoids the need for dry cleaning or new clothing. Because of its tight grip, it is favored over any other option.


To ensure a smooth operation, the blade used to remove undesired fluff and pills from the cloth is decided by the number of spins per minute. The number of holes on the mesh impacts its ability to remove more lint from the fabric without causing any damage to the fabric, resulting in a clean, ready-to-use cloth. The blade is commonly made of stainless steel, making it more accurate in removing fuzz and lint without damaging the cloth.


Because certain items take longer to clean than others, it’s a good idea to keep a handy lint remover on hand. It should feature a non-injuring ergonomic handle.

Hope that you got what you came here for, this list of the best fabric shaver in India might have helped you. For any queries or any kind of suggestions do care to leave a comment in the comment section.

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